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Alan and Lori McClendon are looking for a great baby name for a new McClendon boy or girl due on July 12th. They are asking for your help, so e-mail Alanmac@mindspring.com with your suggestions. See his e-mail dated June 24, 1996, below. August 26 update: Scott Emory McClendon was born on Friday July 26, 1996, in Macon, GA. 11 1/2 pounds, 23 1/2 inches long !

This is the piece of e-mail that I sent out to all the McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on AOL as of Nov. 1995 that generated most of the letters below. Some letters resulted from other communications, however. The e-mail addresses in BOLD are those that replied to the below e-mail.

Note: Some of these AOL e-mail addresses are no longer valid. See lists on Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet, instead.

Subj: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs - Genealogy
Date: 95-11-30 15:47:14 EST
From: McClendon

To:Donna McCLENDON McGuyer, my cousin, the serious genealogist, in the family. Her new an e-mail address is: usermacks@aol.com.

To: McClendon, MAGICSOP96, GMcclen163, Nugget101, Spouses007, DMcclen200
To: Wmcclenff, AndyM55238, PMCCLEND, MUSE 113, SLS1BD SOP, JMcclen312
To: AMcclen104, MAC PAR72, RICHMBZ, Tearstin, TMCCLEN, DEMcC, DEBMC63
To: DMcclen526, KatsEye II, SkipSue, Mcclendont, ARTJMAC, SurferTess, KMAC630
To: SoupFishy, ScotshLass, DMcclen974, SMcclen314, CmasterEdt, GMac Tx, Zarzal
To: DarrylM879, ShelbyM, Jmcclendon, KMMC041782, Vonnie IG, Mhsjkn, JDWM
To: AuH2Olab, DiDog, RaymodMc, Whitscotch, MCBRAYER, JimMak202, HyperSkier
To: Skipking, GordonM219, SMcclen, JMcclen703 To: RMcclendon, DMcclen

CC: Lordictrak, Burly Al, JETTA57, MELON DOC, HAYBLUE32, CMclendon
CC: Dredd16, JMclen3757,TMMcLendon, TM341OJ, EMclendon, Eagle155, NCASEWE
CC: G C Mclen, WMclendon, Stimpy 735, SCMclendon, Doctor Mc, QMA Mom, LL7010
CC: McLendonJP, KMclendon, BE Nupe, Virgini871, SPOILED16, MALROG, Willm52
CC: EMclen, Willm15, HrdwrBaers, Rich S Mac, MiMcL, GentlemanT, Susan N VB
CC: Richie456, JMclen5687

File: MCCLEN~1.TXT (25909 bytes)
DL Time (26400 bps): <1 minute p>

Hello all,

If you aren't interested, don't download the attached file.

I'm a McCLENDON wondering if I'm related to any of you or you to other McCLENDONs and/or McLENDONs on AOL.

I've attached a file that contains all the McCLENDONs and McLENDONs "profiles" currently listed with AOL for you convenience and entertainment.

My immediate family originated in the Bogalusa, LA area and in the Poplarville, MS area. I am Caucasian. I'm pretty new to genealogy, so bare with me.

On my mother's side of the family... surnames = (Robert) LOTT, (Ollie) KNIGHT, (Sol) HATHORNE (maybe HAWTHORNE), and (Oma) WHITE?

On my father's side of the family... surnames = (Jesse and Joseph P.) McCLENDON (maybe McLENDON), (Artena) COOPER, (Ada) EZELL, (Martha Elizabeth) GLOVER, (Laura Elizabeth) PERRY, (Mabel Graves) BRITT, GRAVES, CORKERN, SEAL and (Joseph E.) and (Margarette C.) POUNDS, (Elizabeth) KELLAR (maybe KELLER), (Luke) LOTT, (Cynthia), (Alcus) BANKS.

I was thinking that I could devote a page on my home page to McCLENDON/McLENDON genealogy, if I receive enough interest. Visit my homepage, Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work Home Page, at URL: http://www.shivasys.com/pat/ ) - old  web site address

Regards, Pat

Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW
November 30, 1995 2:57 p.m.

P.S.#1- A special "Hi" to Jmcclendon ? ... I'm still getting some of your mail, but nothing with any passwords recently.

P.S.#2- Hi Bonnie, I see that you're into genealogy...

Screen Name: ScotshLass
Birthdate: 01 JAN
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Divorced/Separated
Hobbies: Historical Romances, Needlework, Sewing, Genealogy -- BROWN,
Occupation: Secretary - Civil Service. ALBIETZ, ALDEN, ALEXANDER, BORDEN,

These are most of the replies that I received, as I accidentally deleted some.
# : ~ o ---{=====

Subj: Family Tree
Date: 95-12-01 13:08:52 EST
From: MCBRAYER@aol.com
To: McClendon

Hi Pat,

My name is Danny McClendon and I live in San Jose, Ca. My mother (Ruthie McBrayer) and father (Emmitt McClendon) were born near Dallas Texas. My grandparents came from Alabama and their parents were originally from South Carolina.

If you have a program such as Family Tree that accepts GED files I can send you a fair amount of information on my family tree.



------------- and -------------

Subj: Re: Family Tree
Date: 95-12-05 14:25:40 EST
From: MCBRAYER@aol.com
To: McClendon

File: MCCLENDO.GED (70176 bytes)

Hi Pat,
If you would like to post the GED files I would be happy to talk to anyone about the family tree.

Again Happy Holidays,

Dan (Note: Download his GED file of Emmitt McClendon. E-mail: MCBRAYER@aol.com)

----------- and -----------

And, my reply to him was about a neat shareware computer program that converts GED files to HTML web pages.

Subj: Re: Family Tree
Date: 12/22/95

File: GED2HTML: A GEDCOM to HTML Translator


The attached file converts .ged files into HTML documents that you can view using a web browser... The surnames are listed then you just click on the surname to go to it and all of its links, etc. Great little program!!!

You need WinZip or something similar to unzip it, plus you need to put a "copy" of the .ged file into the program's directory. The convert files will be in its HTML subdirectory.

You can find the program on AOL or through my homepage under "Software", see Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List - Primary Site.

I still can't tell if we are related though, but I thought you might like to see this program in action!

Happy Holidays,
Pat McClendon

Note: The computer programs that I was writing about are GED2HTML: A GEDCOM to HTML Translator - Eugene W. Stark and WinZip is a compression utility that Zips (compacts) files into smaller zipped files. In order to use them, you have to first UnZip them.

Subj: Re: McClendons and McLendons - Genealogy
Date: 95-12-02 18:54:27 EST
From: SkipSue@aol.com
To: McClendon

Dear Pat,

Very interesting thing you've done here. I live in Eureka, Cal. Redwood trees, on the Pacific, etc. I am an attorney, wife Pam is a nurse. The main part of my McClendon family lives in Texas. Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Denton mostly. I have a cousin in Los Gatos, Cal. who is expert on genealogy and has traced our line back to Scotland, via South Carolina then on to Texas. I am sending her a copy of your download because I did especially not see her screen name among your list. I will be contacting other McClendons on your list , especially the ones in SC and TX. Thanks for doing this for the McClendon "family" on AOL.

Bill McClendon in Eureka.

Subj: Re: McClendons and McLendons - Genealogy
Date: 95-12-02 19:05:18 EST
From: JMclen5687@aol.com
To: McClendon

My name is Jimmy McLendon, age 33. My folks are from Greene County Miss. My grandmother on my father's side was a Perry, from Greene Co. Her father was Jody Perry.

Anything else you might need let me know. My family moved into Miss. about 1810.

Subj: McClendon, McLendon
Date: 95-12-23 15:15:49 EST
From: BE Nupe, but prefers e-mail at this location: mmcl@pitt.edu
To: McClendon

I don't log onto this account much, but I received your email about the name(s) McLendon/ McClendon. I am very interested in sharing with you the small portion of information I have on my family. It is all verbal and I never really wanted to investigate it, but here goes:

From what I have been told, my current last name, McLendon, was changed by my great grandfather, Joseph McLendon (McClendon). My great grandmothers name was Ada. We were originally from Dothat, Alabama and the name changed sometime during the migration to Moultrie, Georgia.

Let's talk! Since the death of my father in 1989, I have had thoughts of some type of genealogical tree. I only have 2 living relatives who would know anything else. I have a few more tidbits, but I will wait to hear from you to share those.

I deleted your original message where you listed some names. If you could share that again, I would appreciate it!

It would be best to correspond through the following email account : mmcl@pitt.edu.

Thanks for the interest. I hope I can help. There are a lot more McLendon and McClendons on Prodigy, too!

Michael McLendon

Subj: Re: McClendons and McLendons - Genealogy
Date: 95-12-27 17:46:20 EST
From: ScotshLass@aol.com
To: McClendon

Hi Got your email and I'll have to check to see if the info matches. By the way, my profile was in error - I'm married.

I tried to download your file, but got a read error and could not finish it. Can you send it to me, again? I have McCLENDONs/McLENDONs on my mother's side. If fact, my grand grandfather was a McClendon. Thanks for any help.

ScotshLass@aol.com (Bonnie)

Subj: Re: McClendon
Date: 96-01-12 10:59:11 EST
From: pbaker@facstaff.wisc.edu (Paul A. Baker)

I found a relatively new book (about the McClendon surname and descendants in the library last week. If you're interested I can send you a photocopy of the title page and preface, etc.

Paul Baker
University Relations Specialist
Wisconsin Center for Education Research
(608) 263-8814
1025 W. Johnson St. #785
Madison WI 53706
Visit the Center on the Web at http://www.wcer.wisc.edu

Note: The book he was referring to is "The McLENDONs of Carroll County, Georgia", published by Gateway Press Inc. in 1989, complied by Lois Clouse McLendon.

Paul sent me this file of William Mcclendon (note: small second "c") was born about 1783. He married Lucy Mcgowan 14 Nov 1805 in Wayne Co., KY. Listing 103 descendants for 9 generations.

Paul Baker, 30 N 4th St, Evansville, WI 53536 E-mail: pbaker@facstaff.wisc.edu (Paul A. Baker)

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 18:12:35 -0500
From: EMclen@aol.com
Subject: Surname"McLendon"

Hello, Pat,

Just got on line and saw your message about the surname "McLendon". Back in April, 1995, Linda McLENDON Nolte was gathering info about the name and contacted me. She lives in Mission, Kansas, but originally from Houston, Texas. Her screen name is "Noltecon@aol.com" if you wish to contact her via e-mail.

NOTE: Please don't contact her ,yet, as I have e-mailed her about posting a note on this web page. - Pat

I sent her a copy of a parchment sheet----quite lengthy----entitled : "The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname MacLendon." Also a paper with the coat of arms and a brief history of the name. If you'll send me your home address, I'll be glad to make copies and mail them to you. Let me know.

NOTE: Please don't contact her, yet, about this as I have e-mailed her about posting a note on this web page. - Pat

Looking at the list of names you sent me, I did not realize there were so many of us "Macs".
Regards, Eleanor R. McLendon (EMclen@aol.com)

----------- and -----------

Subj: "Coat of Arms"& HTML
Date: 95-12-14 16:18:25 EST
From: EMclen@aol.com
To: McClendon

Hi, Pat,

I would like a copy of the McClendon "Coat of Arms". Just to see how it compares to the one I have. Re: converting ged files to HTML document, I am really not that interested - thanks just the same. My mailing address is 2401 Dexter Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Eleanor (EMclen@aol.com)

----------- and -----------

My reply to her was:


I looked for about 30 minutes yesterday and couldn't find it, but I did find something that I think you will find more interesting from: "Furze" ... The U.S. Voice of Clan MacLennan. It's their Spring Newsletter with a lot of McLENDONs mentioned, and no McClendons. I will photocopy it and mail it to you in a few days ... I'm still hoping that, if I don't think about it too hard that, I will find "The Coat of Arms" thing. I may have given to my brother, though? Anyway, I received this newsletter from:

John E. McLennan, M.D.
2385 E. Prater Way, Suite 204
Sparks, NV 89434

I had wrote off to receive a free copy, so you could probably write off to receive a free Summer or Fall or Winter 1995 copy. The Fall copy was only 4 - 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch sheets of paper folded in half. There was one page of colored photos that may not copy well, I'll see.

Later, Pat McClendon

P.S. I'm CC: my cousin, Donna McClendon McGuyer, whose name is misspelled McLendon by e-mail provider. Her new an e-mail address is: usermacks@aol.com.

Subj: Re: McClendons and McLendons - Genealogy
Date: 12/13/95
From: Stimpy 735@aol.com

well pat i'm not sure i'm related to anyone on your list ,but i'll look in to finding out if i'm related to anyone. feel free to mail me anytime you have more info or just want to chat. i'm almost always in "mtv yack". (if you want to look for me)


Subj: Re: McClendons and McLendons - Genealogy
Date: 95-12-04 16:12:42 EST
From: Mcclendont@aol.com
To: McClendon

Hi, I'm Terry R. McClendon in Oklahoma City. I have a book published on the McClendon' s put together by a man named T.A. McClendon. He was orphaned young and adopted by some people in CA. He wanted to trace his roots. I'd be glad to look up people for you -- the book was only printed once and I'm not sure how to get reprints. Genealogies are expensive and time consuming -- good luck -- use the resources that have already been put together.

These are the replies that I received after sending out an announcement about this web page.

Subj: Re: Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet
Date: 96-03-24 17:06:39 EST
From: Burly Al@aol.com
To: McClendon

Just wanted to make a short response to the article you sent. My mother's family, Richardson, is also from Bogalusa, and we still have many family members there. My mother's name is Pat and she graduated from Bogalusa High in '52 or '53. Maybe you guys know some of the same people or each other. My father, Robert H. McLendon is from Cromwell, AL and now works in Biloxi at Keesler AFB.

Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 00:47:20 -0500
From: stjones@comland.com 6-28-96 - New e-mail address.
To: patmcclendon@shivasys.com
Subject: Re: Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet


Thanks for sending your URL. Your tagline was not on the first message I received. You may freely add whatever information you like about me on your web page, since I am eager to connect with other McCLENDONs. However, please note that I have recently moved from Boca Raton, FL, to Austin, TX.

Your note helped me to realize that I had not yet updated my default homepage on AOL and my user profile. I have now done that and also added a link to your McClendon/McLendon page on the MAXEY Family homepage. (Note: I can't locate his web site, at this time.) To find out more about me, you can go to my custom pages via the link from the MAXEY page. Please note that my sister, Robin, is also on AOL. She is listed on the inactive list on the MAXEY page, since she lets me do all the family research.

--- snip ---


Subj: Re: Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet
Date: 96-03-25 05:38:06 EST
From: Alanmac@mindspring.com (A. McClendon)

Pat, thanks for the reply. I am glad I saw the URL missing so now the others can catch your page.

I have looked at your WEB page and think it is wonderful of you to compile such a list.

Please note that my email address is Alanmac@mindspring.com.

I am also the same Alan McClendon you have listed at V W V G 18 A on prodigy.com on your email list. This is no longer valid, so please delete that one so anyone looking to write me will not try that one.

Also, did you know that the MacLennan Clan chief is going to be at the Stone Mountain, GA games in October 96 ? That's what I hear. I will go meet him since it's not far away from me.

NOTE: Please don't contact him, yet, as I have e-mailed him about posting a note on this web page about this event. - Pat

--- snip ---

Anyway, thanks for the last letter with the URL info, and also could you please add my father to this list: Bmacc@ix.netcom.com, and also my brother in Virginia : mem7w@virginia.edu.
Alan Alanmac@mindspring.com

Subj: McClendons
Date: 96-03-25 16:00:31 EST
From: rdietz1@ix.netcom.com

Pat- I quickly looked over your page and I very much appreciate your "hotlink".

-- snip --

I will make a "hot-link" to your page from mine, also. I will have an ad in the next three issues of Evertons's (print) magazine touting all 7 of my books, including "McLendon/McClendon". It has not yet been widely advertised. The April issue will be the first.

My McClendon ancestor was John Enos McClendon of Rankin Co., Ms. He married Asha Jane Jones. He was wounded at the Siege of Vicksburg in 1863, and later died at age 29 as a result of those wounds. His dtr Sarah Sophornia McClendon was my grt-grandmother.

Thanks again for your link, I really appreciate it. Dick Dietz.

Note: The book he is referring to is:
The McLENDON/McCLENDON Papers of Leonardo Andrea

This is a book about McLENDONs and McCLENDONs and is available through: GoldenWest Marketing, 10528 Lower Azusa Road, Suite 162, El Monte, California 91731-1296, 818-309-0764 or 800-445-8925, FAX: 818-309-1610, E-mail: rdietz@greenheart.com. This web page provides some interesting introduction material to ancient McCLENDONs and McLENDONs. It comes in both a printed and an electronic version.

---------- and ----------

Subj: Re: McClendons
Date: 96-03-26 02:00:27 EST
From: rdietz1@ix.netcom.com

Pat - anything you want to share with your family members about McClendon book is OK.

-- snip --

I'd love to know if your cousin has anything on John and Asha McClendon.

Best wishes, TTYL, Dick Dietz.

Subj: Re: Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet
Date: 96-03-26 12:51:59 EST
From: MIKE_MCCLENDON@HP-Sonoma-om1.om.hp.com

Hello Pat,

Thank you for the time and energy you have spent creating a very interesting McClendon genealogy web page. I look forward to reading it as it evolves.

Best regards,


Lightwave (fiberoptics) Standards Lab Manager, Hewlett-Packard Co.

And my daughter:

Sarah C. McClendon / smcclend@trumpet.aix.calpoly.edu
junior, architectural engineering at Cal Poly University

Subj: No Subject
Date: 96-03-27 18:04:01 EST
From: RaymondMc@gnn.com (Raymond McClendon)

Hello, Ray McClendon (Poquoson, Va.) one of three sons of Patrick E. McCLendon (my brothers are Michael E. and Bryan D.)

Patrick E. McCLendon (born in Memphis Tenn., 1931)

Subj: McClendon
Date: 96-05-02 13:47:13 EDT
From: gregm@crystal.cirrus.com (Gregory McClendon)

Hi Pat!

Amazing website!. Goes to show that there's something for everybody on the web!

My name is Gregory Paul McClendon, am 31 years of age. I live in San Marcos, Texas and work as an engineer at Crystal Semiconductor. One of my hobbies is playing fiddle, which I hope to do professionally some day.

I can trace my family back to Carizo Springs, Texas, where my father, Paul Jay McClendon was born. His father, Mabson Dumont McClendon was born in Gatesville, Texas.

Now, my great-grandfather, John McClendon settled in Carizo Springs before the turn of the century after my grandfather was born. Apparently, he was quite intelligent and was a self proclaimed physician, who read medical books on the side. My father's cousin, Sissy, also has a record that John McClendon was on the education board, in a town called Pancake, Texas, no longer on the map! I have NO idea where this place may be. He apparently migrated through north Texas, before finally settling in Carizo Springs.

I AM interested in genealogy, and for the benefit of me and my family, I welcome any one to contact me, to give me some clues, to John McClendon's lineage and place of birth.

- Greg -

Subj: No Subject
Date: 96-05-28 04:59:38 EDT
From: mclenda@aloha.net (Alton L. McLendon)
CC: MCBRAYER@aol.com

Hi Pat,
I am a McLendon. My name is Al. I have been in the Air Force for about 15 years now. My home is Jacksons Gap, Alabama.

My aunt (Virginia Adair) has been tracing our roots for several years now and is a tremendous resource for mclendon history...she is a member of AOL.

She will be visiting me in a couple of weeks. I have asked her to bring the documents she has on our history so I can scan them. I would be happy to make those available if anyone is interested. (as long as there is no copy write infringement)

She is bringing her files to from Family Tree Maker. I understand she is using different software now, but that her files transferred over.

This is a tremendous page, thanks for the work...

For Danny,

do you know what part of Alabama?


Subj: Elias McClendon of 1840/50 Catahoula Parish, LA
Date: 96-06-24 00:05:52 EDT
From: rmcclend@indirect.com (Ronald McClendon)

Hi Pat.

I am new at email genealogy although I have been doing BBS genealogy since 1990 and have most of the McCLENDON/McLENDON manuscripts and books.

My great grandfather was William M. McCLENDON, b. 1841 LA, d. Angelina Co., TX. William was the son of Elias McCLENDON, b. SC and who was in Catahoula Parish, LA in 1840 and 1850. I know that Elias married a Lavinia SIMS, although Lavinia probably was not the mother of William because Elias and Lavinia married after the birth of William and at least one older sister.

Does any of this sound familiar to your own families or genealogical correspondence?

Ronald R. McClendon
5712 Sweetwater N.W.
Albuquerque, NM 87120

Subject: New McClendon about to be born
From: Alan McClendon (Alanmac@mindspring.com)
Monday, June 24, 1996 7:31 PM

Pat -

---snip ---

I am Alan Scott McClendon, with wife Lori, and we are about to bring a new McClendon into the world very soon - the due date is July 12, 1996.

The doctors know, but we don't, whether it's a boy or girl.

How about posting something regarding helping us to come up with an excellent name for this new boy/girl ?

Family last names include: Emory, Lambert, Browning, Harrison, and Grimes.

Thanks, Alan

----------- update ......

From: Alan McClendon (Alanmac@mindspring.com)
Sent: Sunday, August 04, 1996 10:01 AM
Subject: New McClendon born

Pat -

Our son was born (date removed to prevent Identity Fraud), here in Macon, GA.

Scott Emory McClendon

11 1/2 pounds, 23 1/2 inches long !

What a whopper !

Thanks for asking. Alan and Lori McClendon.

Subj: Obedience McClendon
Date: 96-06-29 17:53:54 EDT
From: TBeng@aol.com
To: McClendon

Hi Pat,

I am currently reviewing your page and I have to ask if you or anyone else has run across an Obedience McClendon, possibly the daughter of Jackson McClendon. Obedience was born abt 1793 in Georgia, md. Evan Harer abt 1817, place unknown. Hoping you, your cousin or any of your readers might be able to shed some light on her parents, etc. Any help regarding this ancestor of my wife's will be greatly appreciated.

Bill Huckaby
Sacramento CA (Note: See his 1-20-97 e-mail.)

Subj: Re: McClendon
Date: 96-09-07 17:45:06 EDT
From: Bugman84@aol.com

I am James R McClendon III
I was born (PRIVATE) oldest of three kids
My Grandfather was James R McClendon Sr. born April 1, 1909 died in 1982
My Grandmother was Mary Alice Rhoades. never met her
My great grandfather I believe was Asa Edward McClendon
My dad James R jr. born in Marshall TX (PRIVATE) second of four. I am trying to start a genealogy but am having a hard time. I guess I don't know where to start. If there is a connection let me know. please


Jamie McClendon
P.O. BOX 357
Cashmere, WA 98815
phone (509) 782-4334

Subj: another McClendon out there in Cyber Space
Date: 96-11-15 23:08:48 EST
From: craigmc@mail.utexas.edu (Craig McClendon)

Hello, my name is Craig McClendon. I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin. I am from Ft Worth, Texas originally. My father was Michael McClendon, my mother is Margaret McClendon, and I have a sister, Regina McClendon. Just thought I'd have us added to the list.

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Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work has moved to: ClinicalSocialWork.com


Abuse: Child Abuse and Neglect & Sexual Abuse/Assault/Harassment


Addictions: Alcohol/Drug Abuse, etc.


Articles on the Internet & Books by Professionals & Sources for Books, Audio/Video tapes


Articles that I have written


Assorted Mental Health Resources - includes Professional Software/Instruments


Client Support & Resources and Books by Survivors


Dissociation: Dissociative/Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology


Ego State Therapy - featuring the works of "Jack", John G. Watkins and Helen H. Watkins.


Gender Resources


Health Resources See: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS


Kentuckiana Resources (Kentucky and Southern Indiana)


Legal/ Forensic Resources & Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as a Defense


Linkage requests


Miscellaneous Resources


My Résumé


News and Updates


School (K-12) Resources/Info and Parenting Issues


Social Work Resources includes Mailing Lists and Newsgroups & Social Work Schools




Therapists - Join the ClinicalSocialWork.com


Treatment Modalities/Approaches Also see: Treatment Centers


Violence: "Domestic", Elder, Workplace, and School