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This is the e-mail that I received from Jan. 1, 1998 - April 30, 1998

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Date:    98-01-06 07:57:36 EST
From:    LeeSrTBG@aol.com
To:    McClendon

Hi Pat,

I don't recognize any of the names from Bogalusa that you included in your last e-mail message to me. My late father does have a sister named Gladys Irene (McClendon) Stone Dinsmore, but I'm pretty sure that she is younger than he was (my father was born in 1917 and died in 1990). Also, the last I knew, Aunt Gladys was living somewhere in Orange County, California, which is where my mother also lives. Gladys has one daughter, Ursula Jane (my first cousin), and Ursula has 3 sons: Brett Mitchell, Blair Nathan, and Clark David (all surnamed Smith). Clark is a detective on the police force for the city of Orange, California. He was unofficially "adopted" by my parents and reared pretty much like another son. I was already in college when they started taking care of him as a toddler.

-- snip ---


Subj:    Re: Descendants of Lewis McClendon
Date:    98-01-06 14:25:41 EST
From:    usermacks@aol.com

Hi Patty:

-- snip --

Thanks for all the helpful stuff on using the net. As you probably remember, I don't know a lot about it so I'm looking forward to a new adventure. Our cousin in California (Artena - Artena@mindspring.com) has been in touch about the family tree. -- snip --

You really put in some time on the family tree. I'm totally impressed. I do have an update, however. I've come to the conclusion Shadrack is not our ancestor, but most likely a brother to our ancestor. Last fall while snatching a few moments at the library, I came across the 1860 census report from Washington Parish, LA with a listing for William McLendon, age 38 from South Carolina, wife Mary, age 31 from Louisiana with children John age 8, Ginena (handwriting difficult to decipher) age 7 female and <<***TA-DA***>> JOSEPH age 3. Now, I believe this is our Joseph. He's the right age and in the right location but that would blow our info from Dan Lott that Joseph's father was Jesse.

Of course the census taker used only one "C" but, hey, that's a familiar story with our name. I still haven't had time to research it completely and I couldn't find the family in the next census but, if the story that Joseph's father died when he was only 6, then Joseph may be listed under another household. What do you think?

Shadrack did have a son named William (as well as one named Jesse) but they would have been a lot older than 38 in 1860. I wanted to sort all this out before I tried to explain it, but alas and alack, I haven't. I want to locate Joseph in the 1870 census, when he was 13. His mother may have remarried or they may have lived with her parents or near her parents. Or maybe they lived with William's father who could have been Jesse. (thus explaining why Dan Lott came up with the name Jesse as Joseph's father). Anyway, I will try to find some time to work on this so we can be sure our info is accurate. -- snip --

Hope I'll be getting back with you soon. I miss talking to you.

Love from your Mississippi Cuz,
Donna (Donna McCLENDON McGuyer)

Date:    98-01-08 12:56:40 EST
From:    skippy@northlink.com (David Paul McClendon)
To:     (McClendon)

Hi Pat;

My Name is David Paul McClendon born (date removed to prevent Identity Theft) in Harristown, Illinois.

My Father is Paul Sanders McClendon, born 2-1-1904. in Joplin, Missouri. He married Mildred Louise Leonard.

My Grandfather is Abraham Lincoln McClendon, born 3-22-1866, in Newton County Missouri. He married Mamie Amelia Sanders.

My Great Grandfather is Jacob McClendon, born 9-24-1833, birth place unknown. He Married Rachel Britton.

Some of my history came from the book "James P. Moody Family History".
Can you tie any of this to your line?

Sincerely, David P. McClendon (skippy@northlink.com)

Subj:    Fwd: McClendon
Date:    98-01-13 09:48:53 EST
From:    usermacks@aol.com
To:    artena@jps.net,  

Hi Artena & Pat:

Just an update on our elusive ancestor Joseph. Maxine sent the following info. The dates on her William and Mary and Joseph still aren't matching up with the 1860 Louisiana Census or with Joseph's tombstone---SOOOOO--I've got to go back to the library and search some more. I think I'll try to locate Mary and the children under another name. (maybe she remarried after William died, or lived with some of her family) Also, I need to check the death records for both William & Mary.

Also, since Joseph was married to Laura Perry after our ggrandmother, I'm going to try to find their marriage license in hopes of finding his parents' names. The census record I located on three-year-old Joseph might not even be our Joseph, but it is the most concrete document I've come up with so far.

I'll keep you both posted on what is going on but as of now, it looks pretty definite that Shadrack is not in our lineage, maybe a relative, but not our direct ancestor.

Your Mississippi cuz,
Donna McClendon McGuyer
Forwarded Message:
Subj:    McClendon
Date:    98-01-12 10:34:18 EST
From:    mhetzel@centuryinter.net (Maxine Hetzel)
To:    usermacks@aol.com

Hi Donna:

I have reviewed my records and turned up the following info on Jesse. Jesse was married to Harriet Bennet on Oct. 12, 1813 in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

He was married to Esther Cotton on April 15, 1819 in Claiborn Co., Miss. Jesse was living with Lewis at the time of his death and a lot of their property was jointly owned. Documents regarding the succession are dated in 1856 which would put his death 7 years prior to the 1863 date. The documents are hard to read but I quote from one that he left "no heirs either in the ascending or descending line and that his succession falls to collateral kindred to wit" his only brother, Lewis and to 4 sisters, one of which was dead but that her children were to get her share of the estate. It further states that Lewis was the only heir living in Louisiana.

Esther was still living when Jesse died because she brought suit against Lewis who was appointed administrator of the estate.

There are so many Jesses in the McClendon family that it is hard to keep them separated. In my notes I have one listed in the 1820 census of Pike Co., Miss. with 6 children. He would have been 36 years old at the time. He was 29 when he married Harriet and 35 when he married Esther. He and Harriet could have had a child a year for 6 years and certainly he would have needed a mother for the children if Harriet had died. I am just thinking of possibilities if the death date of 1863 is incorrect.

Shadrack did have a son, William, b 1813, d 1850, m 1834 to Mina Franklin. They lived near Jackson, Miss. but later moved to Texas. They had a son, Livingston. I have no record of other children.

I have a record on a William M McClendon, b 1809, m to Mary Ann Pederson in 1832 and d 1868. He was from S.C. and was in Wayne Co., Miss. at the time of his death. They had 8 children - John, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, William II, Rebecca, Edward and Joseph, b 1850.

A miscellaneous note that I have dated 1858 in Catahoula Parish is regarding death of Armisted L. McLendon. John McClendon of that parish stated that Armisted was his nephew and a William McClendon was administrator of the succession.

I did not follow up on many of these notes because I determined at the time that I was doing the research that they were not my direct line. I have never lived in Catahoula Parish but many of my lines were there early on. I do plan to go back to Harrisonburg which is the parish seat to do further research and I shall certainly keep your Jesse, William and Joseph in mind.


Subj:    Genealogy
Date:    98-01-17 22:02:01 EST
From:    EvHLee@aol.com
To:    McClendon

Hello, Pat,
Just wanted to bring you up-to-date since my 97-11-12 e-mail where I was searching for Melba Goff Allen. Had the good fortune to make contact with her and she now has an excellent web site at the following address: http://members.tripod.com/~mallen4896/Index.html with McClendon and other families. Also, was able to obtain a copy of her book, THE MCLENDONS OF AMERICA, which has been very helpful. (see next message)

Thanks for posting my request for help on locating Melba.
Gerry R. Lee

Date:    98-01-18 15:44:31 EST
From:    mallen96@flash.net (Melba Goff Allen) 1-23-99

-- snip --

The McLendon books, are about sold out. The first print. I don't think I need to advertise as there are not many to sell. But, if you know of someone who would like one of the copies, they are $25.00 plus $2.00 for postage. No, I am not connected to any McLendon assn.  Thanks.

Subj:    We may be related
Date:    98-01-24 07:02:49 EST
From:    DMCC@aol.com

My name is David Allen McClendon (age 51) and I reside in Hawaii. My parents (Woodrow Wilson McClendon and Ratchel Bass) divorced when I was only one yr old. I was raised by my mother and my stepfather and never knew my real dad.

My mother told me his name was Woodrow Wilson McClendon and he was from Texas and his mother was an Indian. With a name like his I believe we may be related. I never knew anything about my Dad and his side of the family.

He and my mom while married (briefly) ran a greyhound bus depot in Bakersville, CA prior to divorcing. He was in his 30's when I was born. Any information you can share with me on his whereabouts (if still alive?) or about him in general (marriages, kids, etc,) would be appreciated. Also, if you need information about myself feel free to ask. Looking forward to your response. Best wishes.

-- and --

[Pat McClendon's note:
I wrote David and told him that I have an uncle Woodrow McClendon (of Bogalusa, Louisiana) who married Margaret Nel (or Nell) Seal. After checking out the birth dates, etc., we ruled out my uncle as being related to David.]

Subj:    Re: We may be related
Date:    98-01-26 05:34:04 EST
From:    DMCC@aol.com

Thanks for the information - didn't realize there were more than one Woodrow Wilson McClendon - I guess it will remain a mystery as to his real background and whereabouts - appreciate your response - best wishes.

Subj:    Re: Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet
Date:    98-01-24 11:37:25 EST
From:    Dbreez9913@aol.com

Dear Pat,
Thanks for the links. I will look at them all and check them out. If any info matches I will get back in touch. I've not "looked" much for this surname, so all of these links may possibly give me info that will be helpful. Thanks again and happy hunting,

Subj:    Re: Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet
Date:    98-01-24 18:30:54 EST
From:   RaymondMC@aol.com


My name is Ray McClendon. My wife's name is Patricia! I have two kids Chris and Elizabeth.

I have two brothers Mike and Bryan (apache@aol.com). We have enjoyed your site! My father is Patrick E. McClendon (from Mississippi).


Subj:    GRAVES
Date:    98-01-24 11:31:08 EST
From:    Trudyc32@aol.com
To:    McClendon

Are you by chance working on the Graves family from Mississippi?

Thank you.

Pat's Note: Yes, either Mississippi or Louisiana, I believe. There are genealogy mailing lists at Genealogy Resources on the Internet : Mailing Lists. Here is a "cut & paste" about two of mailing lists for the GRAVES surname:

GRAVES. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Graves surname and variations (e.g., Graff) in any place and at any time. Mailing address for postings is graves-l@rootsweb.com. To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to graves-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or graves-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).

GRAVES-FAM-ASSOC. A mailing list for the discussion of activities, research, publications, and programs of the Graves Family Association (GFA). The GFA is an international organization for descendants of all Graves, Greaves (and variant spellings) families. You must be a member of the GFA and a subscriber to post to the list and posting instructions will be provided when you subscribe. To join the GFA or to subscribe to the list, send a message to Kenneth Graves at kgraves239@aol.com  describing your interests in the Graves surname and requesting that you be added to the list.

I have not joined them, yet, because I'm swamped with e-mail and web sites stuff.

Subj:    Re: Here's a photo of my brother, "Johnny", and I in about 1955
Date:    98-01-31 00:08:30 EST
From:    usermacks@aol.com

Hi Pat:

-- snip --

I went to McCain Library today, looking for evidence of William McClendon. I didn't find him, but did find an 1824 public land claims map. Guess who owned 640 acres in Washington Parish -- John McClendon. That name John sure is popular in our family. What is making this so hard is the courthouse fire that took the records. I'm still looking though and will let you know more later.

Best Regards,

Subj:    My McClendons
Date:    98-01-31 13:05:00 EST
From:    L205gen@aol.com

I also am a McClendon. My mother Dorothy Marie McClendon. My McClendon's came originally from N.C., and then moved to Tennessee. They settled in the Rutherford, Rhea, and Meigs County area. There are many Jesse McClendons, my GGGGrandfather was a John McClendon. His son was Dennis McClendon. Have you run across this branch of the family? If so, e-mail me at L205gen@aol.com. Any info would be appreciated. Especially, where the immigrated from. Thanks.

Subj:    Burrell Mclendon of Alabama
Date:    98-02-02 16:09:30 EST
From:    James.Hawkins@gte.net (James B. (Jim) Hawkins)
To:     (McClendon)

I am Betty Hawkins, searching Burrell Mclendon of Alabama. My e-mail address is: Jameswhawkins@worldnet.att.net.

Some other family connections are Crump, Langston, Cole, and Rickles.

Subj:    ?McClendon/Sarah
Date:    98-02-06 23:54:13 EST
From:    clem@sonic.net (ann or jim clements)


I'm looking for information on Sarah McClendon (b. 1833), my GGgrandmother, married to Jesse Carpenter in 1852 in Pike, AR. They had 6 children: James, Bob, Marion, Elijah, Matilda, Josephing, and Thomas Jefferson. Jessie died in Bonnerdale, AR. I don't know much else. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.


Ann (clem@sonic.net) 

Subj:    Looking for John B. McLendon, Jr.
Date:    98-02-09 18:00:10 EST
From:    ferrouss@relcominc.com (Ferrous Steinka)

Hi Pat,

I am hoping that you or someone you know can help me find an old friend. I am looking for John Blanche McLendon, Jr. "Mac" is an African American who served with me in the US Navy in the early 1960's aboard the destroyer, USS Fletcher, DD-445. I remember his address as being 248 Custer Ave. Youngstown OH. I have tried on several occasions to locate him and have had no luck. My street atlas shows the 200 block of Custer avenue as a freeway ramp system, and my letters have all been returned as undeliverable.

Since I have tried just about everything else, I thought I would try the Web. I was not able to find him but I did find you and it looks like a posting might be helpful. The Navy department will not give out any information regarding the whereabouts of an ex-serviceman, neither will the IRS. I have yet to try the Social Security Administration, but don't hold out much hope there as I do not have his SS#.

I tried looking him up in one of the Phone Disk programs but found that there are literally thousands of John/J. (B. or none) McLendons (Jr. or none), and many do not have addresses associated with them.

Thank you very much for your time,

Ferrous Steinka 18570 SW Alderwood Dr. Aloha OR 97006-2958 (503) 649-9487

Ferrous Steinka Relcom Inc. 2221 Yew Street Forest Grove OR 97116 USA
Tel: (503)357-5607 / (800)382-3765 Ext. 104 FAX: (503)357-0491
Web: http://www.relcominc.com     email: ferrouss@relcominc.com

From:    Irene Scott [pihs@mindspring.com]
Sent:    Tuesday, January 27, 1998 7:41 PM
To:    patmc@mis.net
Subject:    Anna Mae and Robert McLendon-Chicago 1966

I am looking for Anna Mae McLendon who was married to a Robert McLendon in March 1966. Robert McLendon died of carbon monoxide asphyxiation. They lived at 2034 Humboldt St. in Chicago. I am a new internet user so my skills are elementary. In your search have you by change located any McLendon's in the Chicago, Cook County area? Any information at your convenience would be most appreciated. Irene

Subj: Genealogy
Date: 98-02-14 15:49:14 EST
From: RaymodMc@aol.com
To: McClendon

Hi. If an Elizabeth McClendon reads this e-mail


Subj: Genealogy
Date: 98-02-17 13:01:00 EST
From: bdear@ix.netcom.com (Brenda Dearman)

I am looking for the parents of Amanda Temocla McLennon b. 1837-40 in GA. She married Jonathan

Jackson Pyle ( son of John Pyle and Thurza Kilgore Pyle) in 1856 in Montgomery Cty., TX. On her

marriage license, it states that she was married at the home of John McLennon. In Putnam Cty., GA, there

was a John Jackson McLendon married a Martha Kilgore. The Kilgores, Pyles and McLendons

intermarried in GA. Could this be the parents of Amanda? I need help or at least a place to start.

Subj: Bible Page of Albert Gallatin Brown McLendon
Date: 3/8/98 10:55:36 AM EST
From: TimmyMouse@aol.com

File: BIBLE1.JPG (28846 bytes)

Hi Pat,

I have use of a digital camera and I took some pictures of a bible page I had framed. It's the family bible of Albert Gallatin Brown McLendon, my great grandfather. I'm attaching one of the pictures to this mail and I'll send the other side in another one. I did some close-up's also, where the names are easier to read. If I get a sunny day I'll try to get some better ones.

If you're interested in the close-up's I took let me know and I'll send too.

I'm still learning this camera so the pictures (.jpg) are not perfect.


--- AND ---

Subj: Other Side
Date: 3/8/98 10:56:16 AM EST
From: TimmyMouse@aol.com

File: BIBLE2.JPG (27888 bytes)

Here's the other side.

Subj: Genealogy --
Date: 3/11/98 1:58:37 AM EST
From: wcmac@texramp.net (W.C. McLendon)

Ran into your pages while doing a search on a new search engine I ran across today, that is supposed to have genealogy leanings, http://www.momma.com/.

My reason to write you is to offer some genealogy info I have. I, myself, am not an active genealogy buff, but a friend of mine is. Her married name is Po McCutcheon, but she was a McLendon before marriage. She really has a lot of stuff, books that make a stack over a foot high, and goes back clear to Scotland to the father of Dennis and his brother. This father was known as the 'hunchback of (so and town in Scotland)'. As the story goes, he was hunched back because at birth, some enemies of his family, who had previously killed his father in one of these clan wars they used to have, broke his back at birth to keep him from taking revenge for his fathers death when he grew up!! This hunchback was the father of Dennis, and what is thought to be his brother, (name not known), but may have been Dennis' son, that came over and settled in North Carolina. I have also heard that they may have come via way of Barbados before settling in North Carolina. Here is Po's, (yes that is her name), address, etc. I don't think she is on the WEB.

Po McCutcheon
1910 Buckner St.
Longview, Tx 75604

I am nearly 79 years old, (June 1), and still have my wife of almost 59 years. We had 4 children, 3 boys and a girl, the youngest, and 9 grand children, one great grand daughter and a great grandson due in May. The oldest boy just retired last May from Texas Instruments as President of their software division.

The number two son is a dentist here in Longview, and our number three son is a Minister, and is a VP for the Baptist Annuity Board in Dallas. The daughter is married to an oil man that has holdings in both the USA and Australia, and they now live in Adelaide, Australia. The number one son, Bob, had three children, two boys and a girl, all married but only the daughter has any children, (our great grand daughter). The oldest son and his wife are the expectant ones in May. Our number two son, Bill, has two children, a daughter, who is a model, and a son, who is a senior at Texas A&M university, studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Bill re-married about two years ago and acquired three more children, two boys and a girl. The number three son, Larry, has one child a boy, just entering high school. Both the number one and the number three sons live in Dallas.

The daughter, Gaynel, has two daughters, one about 12 and the other about 7. The daughter flies for American Air Lines, but has been on leave most of the time since the children have been born, but does fly enough each year to maintain her seniority toward retiring with all those great airline benefits. I hope I have not bored you to death with all this, but I just got wound up. Incidentally, I was a Communications Engineer, owning my own business, and retired in 1973. I would like to hear something about you and your family.

W.C. McLendon (wcmac@texramp.net)

Subj: McLendon Genealogy
Date: 3/11/98 11:34:57 PM EST
From: ARKAYASSOC@aol.com
To: McClendon

Dear Pat,

-- snip --

My wife is the daughter of Angus Hicks McLendon, and niece of Charles Lockhart McLendon. I have been working on genealogy for both mine and my wife's families and Lock recently sent me some data and a note. In the note he mentioned getting me in touch with a Pat McLendon that he has worked with on the Clan genealogy and that he needed to get me in touch with that person.

Are you the Pat that Lock was referring to? If so, it is much easier for me to send my files via e-mail attachments than bothering with snail-mail. Please let me know if you are familiar with Lock McLendon.

Rick Kellemeyer
Wilmington, Delaware

Date: 3/12/98 8:16:46 PM EST
From: JZFANATIC@aol.com
To: McClendon


Subj: roots
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 1998 12:27 PM
mspiggy@cei.net (Joan M. McClendon)
To: Pat@PatMcClendon.com

Hi Pat,
We are McCLENDONs with Ky. roots.  Ascestors came from Clay, Ky. in Webster Co. or Henderson Co. before Webster orginated.  My husbands' Grandfather was Dr. Joel McClendon, he graduated from Med. school in Louisville in 1884. Other anscestor first names are Benjamin Franklin, Jesse, John Dennis and Thomas. Dr. McClendon's parents were Benjamin F. McClendon and Frances Jane White.   There were several Doctors in the White family too.   If any of these sound  familiar would love to hear from you.  Loved your pictures!   mspiggy@cei.net

Subj:    Genealogy
Date:    3/31/98 2:45:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    MWhite3639@aol.com
To:    McClendon

Dear Pat,

I am the great grandson of John L. White, born 1800. John L. named his sons Moses, Cyrus Benjamin and William Valentine. We are sure that he is connected to Moses White b.1755 VA (?) d. 1803 Elbert County, GA. In fact, we are pretty sure that he is that Moses' son and the brother to Sarah White who married Joel McClendon. Do you have anything on this Moses White, i.e. where born, who his father was, etc.

Thank you for your assistance.

Subj:    Mclendon texas
Date:    4/8/98 3:30:10 PM EDT
From:    macgreene@juno.com

Pat, did you ever get any information on McClendon Texas? I researched some and found a Mclendon-Chisholm Texas. Would you like this information?
R McClendon

[Pat's note: Yes, please send it to me or post in on the Discussion Web.]

Subj:    Genealogy
Date:    4/8/98 4:01:01 PM EDT
From:    ragooz1@lightspeed.net   (Joe & Alice Ragusa)

Hi Pat;

I am requesting any information on my grandfather: James Edwin McClendon born July 5, 1878 Woodruff Arkansas died April 3, 1947 Los Angeles, California and his father: Joseph A. McClendon born May 22, 1849 died May 2, 1893.

We have a photo of a tombstone with the name Joseph A. McClendon with the above mentioned dates. This is a Polaroid with no location or futher information. I think this may be my ggrandfather but have no proof.


Alice McClendon Ragusa

Date:    4/28/98 9:42:20 PM EDT
From:    bmclendon@ac.Net   (Brenda McLendon)

Hi Pat,

I am researching my husband's McLendon Family. He is a descendent of Isaac J. McLendon, b. abt. 1814, d. Dec. 1882, and Caroline Wilson, b. abt. 1815, d. abt. 1888. They lived in the Steele's District of Richmond County, NC., and had the following children:

1. Eliza Jane, b. abt. 1836, Richmond Co., NC. Married Green Richardson Morris in Montgomery Co., NC on 23 Dec. 1855. Children may be Edwin, born 1857 and Laura, born about 1863. These two children were listed as living the household of Isaac and Caroline McLendon on the 1860 and 1870 Richmond Co. Census.

2. Zachariah McLendon, b. abt. 1838, Richmond Co., NC. Married Mary Scarborough in Montgomery Co., NC on 30 December 1859. He died during the war on 22 April 1863. Mary Scarborough McLendon, b. 1/30/1830, d. 7/11/1874, then married Alexander McQuage on 1 Jan. 1867. Zachariah and Mary had a daughter, Rosa. No other information is known.

3. Louisa Adeline McLendon, b. 30 June 1840, Richmond Co., NC, d. 9 Feb. 1910 in Montgomery Co., NC. Married John "Bushyhead John" Morris (father of Green R. Morris) in Montgomery Co., NC on 11 August 1863. This was John's second marriage. He was born abt. 1805, d. 13 April 1891 in Montgomery Co., NC. Their children were Pressley, Wesley, Daniel, Hansel, Fannie, Martha.

4. Sarah Ann McLendon, b. abt. 1843, Richmond Co., NC. Married Isham H. Johnson on 22 January 1860, Montgomery Co., NC. He died during the war in March 1862 at 26 years of age. Sarah then married Isaac Johnson. Their children were Wincie, Katy Caroline, Avner, Maggie, and William Pressley. These children were raised as orphans. No other information is available on this family.

5. Frances Martha McLendon, b. 27 May 1842, Richmond Co., NC, d. 28 July 1928. She married John Dunn, b. 22 April 1809, in Montgomery Co., NC on 20 May 1874. Their children were Isaac Wesley, Ida Caroline and Elijah Edward Dunn.

6. John T. McLendon, b. abt. 1847, Richmond Co., NC. Married Mary Frasier, b. 5 March 1839, on 5 January 1871. John and Mary's children were Martha H. b. 1872 and William Earl, b. 1874.

7. Isaac J. McLendon, Jr., b. 18 April 1849, Richmond Co., NC, d. 27 June 1911. Married Hannah Braswell Coley in Anson County, NC on 1 January 1876. Their children are Walter Stokes, Joshua David, Henry, Charlie, W. I. "Wiley", Callie Matthew "Mac", O. H. "Olla", Annie, and Eddie P.

8. Mary McLendon, b. 1851, Richmond Co., NC. No further information available.

9. Lucy Ellen McLendon, b. 14 June 1853, Richmond Co., NC, d. 12 Nov. 1907. Married William Green Thompson in Montgomery Co., NC on 9 January 1873. Children: Cora Fances, William "Homer", Montgomery A., Jones Parsons, and Carrie Mae.

10. William F. McLendon, b. 1856, Richmond Co., NC. Married Jane Ballard, b. 1866, in Richnmond Co., NC on 22 April 1888. No further information on this family.

11. Miles Alexander McLendon, b. 5 March 1859 in Richmond Co., NC, d. 10 January 1916 in Montgomery Co., NC. Married Delilah Lisk on 7 October 1883 in Montgomery Co. Children are Joseph Alexander, Filmore, Evander Franklin,Abby Stamey, Cornelia Rose, Lacy Little, Carrie Ruth, Ester Elizabeth, Columbus Nathaniel, and Bertie Rella.

12. Grace - No further information on Grace.

I look forward to hearing from anyone that can add to the above information.


Subj:    Genealogy
Date:    4/30/98 9:25:49 AM EST
From:    osiris@aloha.net   (Osiris Johnson)

    Here's my McLendon stuff, hope you have some of the same

Joel McLendon
b. abt 1785 in NC, USA           
d. Oct 9, 1866
married Sarah (or Sally) White on Mar 3, 1814 in Jasper Co., GA, USA
she was b. 1794
and d. Apr 30, 1874
they had 7 known children
i.     William Victor White McLendon b. 1816 in Jasper Co., GA, USA and d. in
Chickasaw Co., MS, USA; married Emmalina Key Nov 17, 1839 in Harris Co.,
ii.     Elizabeth Ann McLendon
iii.    Jacob McLendon
iv.     Moses T. McLendon
v.     Sarah McLendon
vi.    Joel McLendon
vii.    Synthia McLendon

William and Emmalina had 6 known children
i.    Lucetta McLendon b. Mar 8, 1841 in Harris Co., GA, USA and d. Nov 28,
1912 in Bell Co., TX, USA; married Cyrus Decatur McElroy Dec 23, 1856 in
Harris Co., GA, USA
ii.    Josephine McLendon
iii.     Alex McLendon
iv.    Clareola McLendon
v.    Octavia McLendon
vi.    Augusta McLendon

I hope someone out there recognizes them, if so e-mail me at osiris@aloha.net
Or you can visit my home page which has most of my info displayed at


btw, I am Osiris Johnson, son of Bobby Johnson, son of Bobby Johnson, son
of Lora Beauchamp, daughter of May McElroy, daughter of Lucetta McLendon

Thank you very much

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