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The Movie Kittens
Wonder Woman


bulletDesktop Themes and Enhancements
bulletComic Book and Cartoon Characters
bulletOutdoors: Gardening, Backyard Habitat, and Nature
bulletScience and Computers
bulletMusic, Art, and Literature
bulletTelevision, Cable and the Movies
bullet Rescue of "The Movie Kittens"

Desktop Themes and Enhancements


  1. You will need WinZip to decompress some of these files and it is available on the WinZip Home Page.
  2. Be on the lookout for a program called "FreeTheme" which allows you to use Windows 95 Desktop Themes without Windows 95 Plus!


bulletChemSoc, the chemistry societies network - Visual Elements
bulletCreate-a-Theme 98 Website Shareware - $20. if you want to create your own desktop themes.
bulletThe Darkest Themes on the Net This site has a MAC instruction page for using Windows 95 Desktop Themes, but this link is broken. I have notified the webmaster.
bulletDesktop Themes Ring (listing all members) or FreeThemes at - Access free desktop themes, free screensavers, free icons, free cursors and free fonts courtesy of
bulletFree Desktop Themes at Free Stuff Place
bulletIconEdit Pro - V4.0 - software to edit icons. Shareware - $20.
bulletNONAGS - Click on items listing under the "Desktop" category.
bulletPCWin Resource Center and click on "Fun Stuff"
bulletSnap Screensaver Guide SETI@Home FAQs about Desktop Themes: How to create desktop themes at using Microsoft Resource Kit Tools and Microangelo for Win98.
bullet Win95 Themes, Gionet's
bulletWindows 95 Animated Startup Logo This is a how-to web page. : Shell and Desktop Tools including Desktop Cursors; Desktop Icons; Desktop Themes; Desktop Wallpaper; Screen Savers; and much more.(Categories include: Animals, Cartoons, Holidays, Misc., Music, People, Places, Schools, Sports, TV, Vehicle, and Video Games).
bulletYahoo! : Desktop Themes
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Comic Book and Cartoon Characters

bulletDraw the Marvel Comics Super Heroes at
bulletMarvel Comics
bulletYahoo! Top:Entertainment:Comics and Animation:Comic Books:Marvel
bulletDC Comics Online
bulletYahoo! Top:Entertainment:Comics and Animation:Comic Books:DC
bulletYahoo! Top:Entertainment:Comics and Animation:Comic Books:DC:Wonder Woman
bulletYahoo! Top:News and Media:Television:Shows:Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror:Xena: Warrior Princess
bulletSuperhero Cartoon Database (server may be busy, sometimes) (formerly The Wizard Web Site) The guide to comics.
bulletAmazing Spider-Man Enter a nickname when prompted to do so.
bulletWarner Bros. Online: The Cartoons Shows
bulletYahoo! Top:News and Media:Television:Genres:Cartoons
bulletIconsPlus! (formerly Steven Louie Icon Page - Comic Book icons for Mac and Windows) Freeware icons, desktop patterns, desktop pictures and fonts for private non-commercial non-web use.
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bullet3DFILES.COM "10 Gigabytes of 3D Accelerated Downloads!" Games
bulletThe Adrenaline Vault
bulletBlue's News "Serving the online gaming community for over a third of a decade."
bulletComputer Games Online : Games "Daily Computer and Gaming News"
bulletFree Games Net
bulletGamers Central "Explore the world of PC gaming"
bulletGamers Extreme - Resources for the Hardcore Gamer
bulletGamesmania "Multilingual Online Computer Game Magazine with articles, game reviews, demos and cheats for your favorite games"
bulletZDNET : GameSpot
bulletGA-Source "The Source For Your Gaming News"
bulletGem's Games
bulletJumbo! : Games
bulletMSN Gaming Zone
bulletYahoo! : Computer Games : Shareware (part of the Yahoo! database)
bulletYahoo! Games
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Outdoors: Gardening, Backyard Habitat, and Nature

bulletWild Ones - Louisville Chapter
Wild Ones -- Natural Landscapers, Ltd. is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and share information with members and community at the 'plant-root' level and to promote biodiversity and environmentally sound practices. We are a diverse membership interested in natural landscaping using native plant species in developing plant communities."
bulletOld Farmer's Almanac: Garden; Sun & Moon Rise and Set
bulletMartha Stewart LIVING Click on Television tab.
bulletNational Wildlife Federation's - Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program My backyard is no. 20,047.
bulletNational Arbor Day Foundation
bulletPondkeeper Magazine
bulletWatergardening Magazine
bulletAquarius Water Gardens (Ramsey, Indiana)
bulletYahoo! : Recreation : Home and Garden : Gardening : Ponds
bulletButterfly Zone
bulletThe Weather Site
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Science and Computers

bulletArchaeology Magazine Online
bulletBritannica's Internet Guide
bulletDiscover - Online magazine
bulletDiscovery KidsDiscovery Kids
bulletHow Stuff Works! by Marshall Brain
bulletOMNI Online Magazine
bulletNASA for Kids! "NASA Is My Playground" Also see: Women of NASA and Project Home Pages
bulletNational Geographic - Online magazine
bulletNature - International Weekly Journal of Science
bulletScience Magazine
bulletScientific American - Online magazine
bulletSETI@home Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home : How to Use SETI@HOME Software
bulletYahoo! : Science : News and Media : Magazines
bulletZooWeb "Your Link to Zoos and Aquariums on the web."
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Music, Art, and Literature

bulletThe Encyclopedia Mythica - Mythology, Folklore, and Legend.
bulletThe Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Click on each Wonder's icon to learn more about it.
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Television, Cable, and the Movies

bulletABC, America Broadcast Co. TV's Official Site
bulletAlways Independent Films
bulletAmerican Film Institute's 100 Years...100 Movies Web site
bulletArts & Entertainment (A & E)
bulletAmerican Movie Classics (AMC)
bulletAnimal Planet
bulletBlack Entertainment Network (BET)
bulletCartoon Network
bulletCNN and CNNfn - the financial network
bulletComedy Central
bulletCountry Music Television
bulletCourt TV
bulletDiscovery Channel
bulletDisney Channel
bulletE! (short for Entertainment)
bulletThe FOX Family Channel
bulletFox Family Channel
bulletFox News
bulletFX Networks
bulletThe History Channel
bulletHome & Garden Television
bulletThe Learning Channel (TLC)
bulletMTV OnLine
bulletNBC, National Broadcasting Co.
bulletPBS Online
bulletRough Cut
bulletShowtime and Schedules including The Movie Channel (TMC)
bulletTurner Entertainment Group : Rough Cut; TBS, "The Super Station" (Atlanta); TNT; TNT- Latin America and Turner Classic Movies; and Cartoon Network
bulletTelevision Food Network
bulletThe Travel Channel
bulletTurner Classic Movies 
bulletUnivision Spanish-language television. Web site is in Spanish and English versions.
bulletUPN, United Paramount Network
bulletUSA Network
bulletWBN, Westergaard Broadcasting Network
bulletThe Weather Channel
bulletWGN (Chicago)
bulletYahoo! : News and Media : Television : Networks : Cable Networks
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bulletAsk Jeeves for Kids
bulletBlue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
bulletCBS : David Letterman's Late Show : Top Ten Lists : Archives
bulletDiscovery KidsDiscovery Kids
bulletFun Sites for Kids
bulletThe Internet Type Foundry Index - Cool Stuff to Try
bulletMicrosoft for KIDS "Free Music Downloads, Audio Software, Hardware, Genres, News"
bulletTy's Beanie Babies Official Website!
bulletThe Virtual Tourist
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