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bulletInterlaced vs. Non-Interlaced GIFs (on separate page)
bulletType with Drop Shadows
bulletTransparent GIFs
bulletGraphic viewer/programs
bulletBackground graphics info (on separate page)
bulletBackground graphic links
bulletClip Art
bulletIcons and Images
bulletOther Graphic Resources
bulletAnimated GIFs: Info and Examples ...
bulletAnimated GIFs
bulletCorelDraw! (including Photo Paint)
bulletAdobe - PhotoShop/PageMaker and related programs
bulletOthers related programs
bulletGraphic Tablets
bulletNote to AOL's browser users


Type with Drop Shadows


I created the above graphics using the following instructions: "Update for Chapter 9: PhotoPaint Instructions", a.k.a. "Creating Type with a Drop Shadow in PhotoPaint 6" from "Creating Great Web Graphic" by Laurie McCanna.

Note: She was using a beta copy of Photo Paint 6 when she authored the book.

Try it out. Be sure to use a bold typeface if you want a good shadow effect. If you use your web page background graphic as your background color, then the resulting graphic would appear to float on your web page OR you can make the white (or whatever color you use) in the above logo "transparent". You could used different shades of gray or black (or other colors for that matter) for the shadow (I prefer the lighter grays most of the time.). Go to Laurie McCanna's Home Page for information about purchasing her book.

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Transparent GIF

no transparency used
transparency use
WebFX - The Web Graphics Tool a web-based graphics effects generator
WWW FAQ: How can I make transparent and interlaced GIFs? And what are they?
Transparent Background Images
Yahoo! : Arts : Design Arts : Graphic Design : Web Page Design and Layout : Graphics : Transparent Images

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Graphic viewer/programs

Stroud's CWSApps List : Win 3.X (16-bit Apps) : Graphics Viewers §§ Click on "Full Review" to learn more about the program in comparison to other programs.

Stroud's CWSApps List : Windows 95/98/NT Apps : Graphic Viewers §§ Click on "Full Review" to learn more about the program in comparison to other programs.

JASC Inc.: Paint Shop Pro (graphics program) and JASC Media Center

LView Pro Home - graphics programs

Hamrick Software: VuePrint - graphics program

Alchemy Mindworks Inc. - GIF Construction Set for Windows, Graphic Workshop for Windows, etc.

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Background graphic links

Check out this Saturn background graphic.

The Background Sampler - Netscape §
Ender Design Realm Graphics Web Images
IconBAZAAR - Backgrounds, Borders and Textures
Julianne's Background Textures
NCSA: The National Center for Supercomputing Applications- Backgrounds
Pattern Land!
Rose's Backgrounds, Textures, Buttons, Bars, Rules
Texture Land

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Clip Art

Barry's Clip Art Server - The Clip Art Connection
Clip Art Review - free graphics, photos, pictures, clipart
Clip Art Searcher
The Clip Art Connection and their California mirror website
Yahoo! : Computers and Internet : Graphics : Clip Art

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Icons and Images

Astronomical pictures & animations
Astronomical Images at UMASS / FIVE COLLEGE
Ender Design Realm Graphics Web Images
The Icon Depot
Octagamm's Ball Boutique
Spiderwoman's Collections of Large Icons Part I - lg. red letters
The World Wide Web Power Index - Icons and graphics
Moby's Icon Archive
Daniel's Icon Archive
Icons and Images for Use in HTML Documents
Icon 'n Stuff by Arjen van Mierlo
Anthony's Icon Library
HTML Writers Guild : WWW Development Resources : Design resources
Image - O - Rama
NCSA Imagemap Tutorial
WebImage Information

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Other Graphic Resources Create your own screen savers and wallpapers - shareware screensaver Web Design & Graphics
Graphics for Your Web Page (Paula Edmiston)
The Internet Type Foundry Index
Laurie McCanna's Home Page § Check out her new book, "Creating Great Web Graphic".
Laurie McCanna's Home Page - Corel Tips
Laurie McCanna's Home Page - Photoshop
Laurie McCanna's Home Page - Free art
Jelane's Free Web Graphics §
Texture Land
TruMatch (four color matching system)
Pantone, Inc.
Hawk's Domain (formerly a mirror for Terry Goulds Graphics)
Two4U's (formerly Thalia's) : Guide: Color page
The Web Designer - Graphics
Ellen's Place-Toby's Place
Ask Doctor Web
Doctor Web's Web Tools: HTML, Software & Search Engines
HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials
USENET: JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
USENET: JPEG image compression FAQ, part 2/2
WebFX - The Web Graphics Tool a web-based graphics effects generator
Yahoo! Top:Computers and Internet:Graphics
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Graphics

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Animated GIFs: Info and Examples ...

You need at least Netscape 2.0 or Microsoft's Internet Explore 3.0 to view animated GIFs.

Get Internet Explorer from Microsoft's web site

or get Microsoft Internet Explorer from CWSApps and learn more about it: Software Review
Get Navigator from Netscape's web site

or get Netscape Navigator from CWSApps and learn more about it: Software Review

Stroud's CWSApps List - 32-bit Web Browsers (Windows 95/98/NT)
Stroud's CWSApps List - 16-bit Web Browsers (Windows 3.1x) §§

Here are some examples ...

Personalized Animated Mailbox

pat-mail.gifPre-fab from Caboodles (which apparently no longer exists) and pmailbox.gifCustom-made by me

Want to make your own animated personalized e-mail box? Here are the 4 individual GIFs that make up the animated mailbox: 1, 2, 3, and 4).

  1. copying the 4 individual GIFs that make up the animated mailbox from that website ("right clicking" on them).

  2. know how to use the "Animation Wizard" in GIF Construction Set for Windows (File to Animation Wizard) from the very start.

  3. and that you can add text using Paint Shop Pro:


File to Open the "mailbox4.gif", click on the "T" text tool, then click mailbox, select Font, Font Style, Size, Text Effects, Special Effects, type in your text in the Text dialogue box, and click OK. Place the text where you want it on the mailbox. If you want to re-do it, don't click on it, again, instead use the Edit, Undo command.


To change the text color (foreground color) double click on the foreground color box in the "Select" toolbox (via View, "Select Toolbox"). Select the color from the "256 Color Palette" box and click OK. You can sort the palette by clicking on the Sorted By drop down menu: Palette Order, Luminance, and Hue.

An animation of a virtual Multiple Personality? "Revolving door" phenomena? I got this GIF at one of the websites listed below.

An animation of Saturn and its moons - Looks like little "alter personalities" staying close to the "core personality". I got this GIF at one of the websites listed below.

An animation of my photos: Pat, "Sassy", "Cleopatra", and "Apollo" & "Tuffy" - filename: patspets.gif. Note: one photo overlays another until all four have loaded then it "loops" twice. I could have set it to loop more times, but didn't. This animated GIF of the photos is different than animated GIFs of graphics that are hand-drawn and manipulated using a graphics program and different than graphics generated using a graphics program. Ideally, you images should be the same size.

If you would like to see how this works, you may use my GIFs at this website, but please don't use them anywhere: they are only to demonstrate how the above website's animation feature works. Here's the URLs for the graphics used to generate "patspets.gif", above:

and, here's the URLs of the specific GIFs, in this case they are GIFs of photos:

1st is a photo of me, Pat

2nd is a photo of my golden cat, "Sassy"

3rd is a photo of my calico cat, "Cleopatra"

4th is a photo of my dogs, "Apollo" and "Tuffy"

You can animate two, three, or all four of them, in this case. You can also change the order of animation by entering them in the dialogue box in a different order. I just used gif1.gif through gif4.gif. Ideally, the photos or graphics need to be the same size.

If you scan your hand-drawn graphics, you could convert them into computer graphics, then animate them at the above website or, simply animate your computer generated graphics.

Animated GIFs

the 1st Internet Gallery of GIF Animation An excellent website for information and resources! §§
AGAG - Animated Gif Artist Guild
Animated GIF Artists Guild Ring at Yahoo! Webrings
GIF Animation on the WWW Royal Frazier's
Tutorial: Making Animated GIFs
All About GIF89a
The Toolbox
HTML Assistance
Critter Alert for GIF89a Animation
Rose's Animated Gif Archive - credit given where known §
MicroMovie MiniMultiplex
Chuck's GIF Animation Site
GIF Animation Designs by ProMotion - Many Transparent Animations: Button and Icon Gallery
Webpedia : Animations
The World of Gif Animation
The Wonderful World of ...
WWW FAQ: How can I generate GIFs on the fly from my CGI scripts?
Yahoo!Entertainment : Comics and Animation : Animation : Computer Animation : Animated GIFs
Yahoo! : Computers and Internet : Graphics

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CorelDraw! (including Photo Paint)

Corel's Homepage
Corel -- Service and Support
Corel Support
Corel Product Index
Corel Magazine
CorelNET §
Laurie McCanna's Home Page §
Laurie McCannas's "Update for Chapter 9: PhotoPaint Instructions", a.k.a. "Creating Type with a Drop Shadow in PhotoPaint 6" from "Creating Great Web Graphic".
Note: She was using a beta copy of Photo Paint 6 when she authored the book.
Laurie McCanna's Tips for CorelDraw and CorelXara §
including CorelDraw Tip #4 - Bringing Contrast Down
Rick Altman's Home Page
TAGline - CVO Online Corel Ventura Users

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Adobe - PHOTOSHOP/PageMaker and related programs

Free Software from Adobe (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Yahoo Search Results - PhotoShop
The Pixel Foundry (formerly KPT Online)
See Background Archive - Orig1 Section, Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for PhotoShop and more.

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Other related programs

Alien Skin Software - "ADD-ONs" for graphical applications like Corel's PhotoPaint and Adobe's PhotoShop.

Crystal Graphics

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Graphic Tablets

If you can't draw and have an even harder time trying to draw with a mouse, you may want to consider these graphic tablets.

Wacom - graphic tablets and accessories

GTCO CalComp : See Products for graphic tablets, drawing boards and digitizers

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