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HAWTHORNE. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Hawthorne surname and variations in any place and at any time. To subscribe send "subscribe" to hawthorne-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode) or hawthorne-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).

I869 William HATHORNE (ABT 1575 - )

Capt. William HATHORNE

William Hathorne, Capt. at "Soldiers in the Narragansett Campaign"

Generation 12: (5469) Major William Hathorne, son of (10939) William Hathorne and Sarah?? Binfield, County Berks England 1606-1681 Mass Freeman 1634 married: 1633 (5470) Anna Smith, daughter of ?? 1616-past 1681 children: Sarah, Eleazer, Nathaniel, John, Anna, William (2734) Elizabeth Hawthorne, 1649-past 1706 m: (2733) Israel Porter

Generaion 14: (21879) William Hathorne, son of (43959) Thomas Hathorne and (43960) Jane Powley 1545-June 1626 married: 25 June 1570 Binfield England (21880) Agnes Perkins, daughter of (43961) Thomas Perkins and (43962) Alice Kebble 1553-1626 children: Joane, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne (10939) William Hathorne, 1576 -1650 m: Sarah

Generation 15: (43959) Thomas Hathorne, son of Thomas Hathorne East Oakley Bray parish 1520-? married: 1543 (43960) Jane Powley 1520-? children: Christopher, Thomas, John, Jane (21879) William Hathorne, 1545-June 1626 m: (21880) Agnes Perkins

I1030 Rodney R. Hathorne ( - )

John Hathorne- Images from the Salem Witchcraft Trials ...John "Hathorne's grandson, author Nathaniel Hawthorne, added a "w" in his to distance himself from Hathorne because of the role he played in the Salem trials."

John Hathorne at Hutchinson Ancestors Home Page

HATHORNEs at Edward Breland - Ancestors & Family Genealogical Database

Hathorne: Pre-1633 Planters of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (early Dorchester settlers who likely came before 1633 (from original contemporary records)

HATHORNE, JAMES COLEMAN JR SP4 E4 A 19461109 19681113 LOUISVILLE KY 39W 062 at Vietnam Veterans' War Stories! homepage for 210+ stories

"A Fells Acres Chronology: Massachusetts Injustice From Hathorne to Harshbarger."

History of Randolph Co., AL - James Hathorne, Hugh Hathorne, and Wiley McClendon

INDEX OF THE BARTH-HICKEY ANCESTRY Hathorne (Hathhorn, Hawthorn), Ann 181 Ebenezer, Ruth, William

Hathorne (several) at Tom Wetmore Ancestry

Hathorne (several) at John Pabody of Duxbury, Mass., Generation 6, Part 3


(If you can expand this list for me, contact me at: HATHORNE@PatMcClendon.com.)

Sol Hathorne married Amer (Omer, Oma) White. They had Truman Hathorne and several other children.

My grandmother, Sarah ("Sallie or "Sally") Elizabeth LOTT married Truman HATHORNE (Dec. 18, 1907 - Oct. 3, 1974, born in Taylorsville, Smith Co., MS) on June 1, 1930. They lived most of their lives in Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana. They had four children: my mother, who I did not know, Geraldine (Feb. 22, 1932 - Nov. 6, 1964), Robert David (married Patsy KENNEDY; children: Robert David, "Sissy", "Dirk"), Janet Sue (married "Jerry" APPLEWHITE, twice and they had two sons: Max and Vernon Wayne. Janet Sue had a couple more marriages), and Brenda Sue (married "J. W.",  John W. MAGEE; children: "Tammy", Tamela and "Pam", Pamela).

My father, John Eugene McCLENDON, Sr., 1st marriage was to "Jerry", Geraldine HATHORNE (both from Bogalusa, Louisiana). They had two children, John Eugene McCLENDON, Jr. and myself, Patricia Darlene McCLENDON (born in News Orleans, LA). I have no children. John Eugene McCLENDON, Jr. has two children one by each marriage. 1st marriage was to Yvonne Gertrude JOHNSON (The JOHNSONs were originally from Finland with a surname of ILLETALLA. The spelling may be off a little) and the child's name is Yvette Renee McCLENDON. (Yvonne remarried to a man named McFarland, I believe.)  John Eugene McCLENDON, Jr.'s 2nd marriage is to "Patty," Patricia Mary Catherine KUROSAD (of Osseo, MN area) and they have one son named Cody Wyatt McCLENDON. They live in Minnesota.

My mother, who I did not know, Geraldine HATHORNE (Feb. 22, 1932 - Nov.6, 1964) was the daughter of Sarah ("Sallie or "Sally") Elizabeth LOTT (April 16, 1911 - Sept. 6, 1994, born in Sandy Hook, Marion Co., MS) and Truman HATHORNE (Dec. 18, 1907 - Oct. 3, 1974, born in Taylorsville, Smith Co., MS). They had three other children: Robert David, Janet Sue, and Brenda Sue.

My mother, Geraldine HATHORNE re-married to a man commonly referred to as Joseph MIRANDA. (Jose Miranda ROCCA) and they lived in Chicago, IL until her death. He then moved to News Orleans, LA. I would love to learn more about my mother if anyone knew of her. E-mail: Pat@PatMcClendon.com.

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