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Outline of my families' genealogies


See my web site at the Family Tree McClendon, Graves, Hathorne, Craft, White, Lott, Knight, etc.. Be sure to click on this link: Patricia D McClendon - InterneTree to see my entire family tree. Type a "F" on your keyboard to bring up a window that has all the individuals in alphabetical order.

Also see my newest web site: Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs at RootsWeb for the absolute latest genealogy information.

Also see photos in McClendon page at this web site.

"Joe", Joseph P. (Parker) McCLENDON (March 9, 1857 - June 22, 1933). "Joe", Joseph P. first married Julia Ann LOTT, who was 1/4 Indian. They had the following children: Chester Eugene McCLENDON, John Edward McCLENDON (who is in my direct lineage, see marriages, below), Leoter or Leota (married Richard Cowart), Henry Monroe McCLENDON, and Minnie Belle (married James Warren MIZELL).

Chester Eugene McCLENDON married Martha Elizabeth GLOVER and they had a bunch of children, but I only have info on one: J. P. McCLENDON who married Dorothy Jean Walley. One of their children: Donna Jean McCLENDON McGuyer (married "Terry" McGUYER, and they have two children: Sara and "Timmy") is the real genealogist in the family. Her e-mail address is: See more about Donna on the bottom of the 1995 - 96 e-mail page.

Henry Monroe McCLENDON (Jan. 31, 1888 - April 26, 1970) married Ada EZELL (Sept. 3, 1890 - Aug. 8, 1968) and they had seven children: 1- R.C. Mac (Apr. 22, 1912 - Apr. 14, 1986) and he married "Margie", Marjorie H___); 2- Bascom D. (Oct. 24, 1916 - Nov. 30, 1979) and he married Corinne MUNN; 3- Mildred who married Preston MIXON; 4- Margaret or Margerite who married Donald GARRETT; 5- Leo (June 9, 1923 - Nov. 28, 1984) who married Mabel COLVIN; 6- Dee who married Betty MAGEE (from Angie, LA); 7- "Chuck", Charles (Apr. 13, 1932 - May 10, 1969) who married a woman name Belle ____, and they had three children: Terri, Pam, and Lori. Leo McCLENDON's son is "Bobby" at (404) 304-1003 and Margaret McCLENDON Garrett's daughter, Lani GARRETT Auster at (504) 468-3250 organized the recent family reunion that was held in Bogalusa, LA in June of 1995.

John Edward McCLENDON (March 9, 1891 - July 9, 1950) first married Artena COOPER (September 5, 1896 - August 3, 1924). John Edward McCLENDON is buried in Oak Hill Baptist Cemetery in Poplarville, MS. He died of cancer. Artena COOPER died as a result of a radiator exploding in the car she was driving as she jumped with an infant from the moving car. The 7 week old infant, Wilford O'Neal (O'Neil), survived. They had four children: James Lavert (Levert), Ernest Leroy, Ruthalee (a.k.a. "Ruth"), and Wilford O'Neal.

This is an expansion of Artena COOPER's branch: James Lavert ( Levert) was born on September 6th 19??. When his father died in 1950 he was listed in the obituary as living in NYC (New York City, NY). Ernest Leroy was born on October 26th 19?? and lived in Synder, Texas in 1950. Ruthalee was born on May 13th, 19?? and married a BROWN. They lived in Japan in 1950 and should be in California now. Wilford O'Neal was born June 15, 1924 and died in the fall (October or November) 1993. Willford O'Neal had a least one daughter Artena F. McCLENDON, P.O. Box 398 , Rio Linda, CA, 95673, (916) 992-6748. Artena's e-mail address is: Click here to see her photo.

John Edward McCLENDON's second marriage was to Mabel GRAVES Britt (January 2, 1907 - July 29, 1930). Mabel GRAVES Britt had a daughter named Bernice BRITT from her 1st marriage to Luther BRITT. Bernice lived with the new family of John Edward McCLENDON and Mabel GRAVES Britt, who had two children: Eddie Mae (01/26/26) and, my father - John Eugene (03/14/29).

Click here to see a 1994 photo of me and my aunts.

My Aunt Eddie Mae married Charles Fornea and they had three children: Charles Rodney, Richard Wayne, and John Edward. Eddie Mae McCLENDON Fornea lives at 20480 Liberty Rd., Pride, LA 70770, (504) 654-4343. Bernice BRITT married Charles Carl Franskosky, Sr. and they lived in New Jersey where they had seven children.

This is an expansion of my branch, Patricia Darlene McCLENDON:

My father, John Eugene McCLENDON, Sr., 1st marriage was to "Jerry", Geraldine HATHORNE (both from Bogalusa, Louisiana). They had two children, John Eugene McCLENDON, Jr. and myself, Patricia Darlene McCLENDON (born in News Orleans, LA). I have no children. John Eugene McCLENDON, Jr. has two children one by each marriage. 1st marriage was to Yvonne ____ and the child's name is Yvette. (Yvonne remarried to a man named MacFarland, I believe.)  John Eugene McCLENDON, Jr.'s 2nd marriage is to Patty KUROSAD (of Osseo, MN area) and they have one son named Cody. They live in Rogers, Minnesota.

My mother, who I did not know, Geraldine HATHORNE (Feb. 22, 1932 - Nov.6, 1964) was the daughter of Sarah ("Sallie or "Sally") Elizebeth LOTT (April 16, 1911 - Sept. 6, 1994, born in Sandy Hook, MS) and Truman HATHORNE (Dec. 18, 1907 - Oct. 3, 1974, born in Taylorville, MS). They had three other children: Robert David, Janet Sue, and Brenda Sue.

My mother, Geraldine HATHORNE re-married to a man commonly referred to as Joseph MIRANDA. (Jose Miranda ROCCA) and they lived in Chicago, IL until her death. He then moved to News Orleans, LA. I would love to learn more about my mother if anyone knew of her. E-mail:

My father, John Eugene McCLENDON, Sr., 2nd marriage was to a women named "Maureen" (of Cajun descent) and they had one child named Judy Ann. "Maureen" later married John RODRIGUEZ who legally adopted Judy Ann. Judy Ann RODRIGUEZ's first marriage to a man named PITTMAN which gave her two children: Leslie PITTMAN and Brian PITTMAN. Judy Ann RODRIGUEZ's second marriage to a man named Robert PREJEANT who has three children from his previous marriage. They are live in Houma, LA.

My father, John Eugene McCLENDON, Sr., 3rd marriage was to a women named Nannie Francis DOSS (of Richmond, VA and now residing in Bogalusa, LA). This was her second marriage as she had a son, Richard, who remained with his father after their divorce. John Eugene McCLENDON, Sr. and Nannie Francis DOSS had five children: James Edward McCLENDON Holliday (married William "Bill" Holliday) who died of AIDS (9/15/58 - 3/8/96), Anita Darlene, James Michael, Eugene Leroy, Samantha Diane. Samantha Diane (never married) is the only one of their children to have a child: Jennifer Shay-Lee McCLENDON. All of their children live in Bogalusa, LA except for Anita who currently lives in Maryland.

My father, John Eugene McCLENDON, Sr., 4th marriage was to a women named Gladys STEFFEL and they had four children (who I have never met): John Edward, Jeffrey Charles, Tanya Michele, and Robert. They are in the process of divorcing. John Eugene McCLENDON, Sr. lives in the Las Vegas, NV area, while Gladys STEFFEL lives in MN.

John Edward McCLENDON's third marriage was to Zuleima DEAL Corkern (September 26, 1909 - May 22, 2002). They had three children: "Dot" Dorothy, "Woody" Woodrow Wilson, and Julia Elizabeth. Click here to see a 1994 photo of me and my aunts.

Aunt Dorothy's 1st marriage was to a man named Donald DAVIS and they had the following children: Robert, Mark, Melinda, Madonna, ?. Dorothy 2nd marriage was to a man named Robert HARRIS. "Dot" HARRIS, 1048 Louray Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70808, (504) 769-3524.

My Uncle "Woody", Woodrow Wilson's (February 03, 1933 - March 31, 1998) 1st marriage was to Margaret Nel SEAL. They had Jerry Allen who died in the Gulf War, Gretchen (adopted?), Sonia Woodrine (married Douglas E. GREENHILL and they have a child named Michael Douglas), Angela Dorise (married a HOLCOMB and they have to son: John-Paul David and Jason Wesley), Elizabeth Diane (married Roger MILLER and they have a child named Megan), Rebecca Lynn (who married a Brad TAFF and they have two children: Amanda Margaret and Steven Patrick Taff). "Woody", Woodrow Wilson's 2nd marriage was to a woman married Marie. She lives at 809 Ontario Ave., Bogalusa, LA 70427, (504) 735-1600. "Becky", Rebecca Lynn McCLENDON Taff can be reached by e-mail:

My Aunt Julia Elizabeth McClendon married "Larry" LAW and they have three children: Sharon, David, and Bryon Jerome. Julia Elizabeth McCLENDON Law lives at 1728 Longview Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70806. Phone: (225) 926-7103 and (225) 387-2754.

[This is not my direct lineage -- "Joe", Joseph P. McCLENDON's second marriage was to Laura Elizabeth PERRY. They had 6 or 7 children: Marie (who married a MILLER), Orie (who married Robert W. BUSH), Melton (still lives in Bogalusa, LA), Prentiss, Lois (who married a POWELL), Murial (or Muriel) (who married a SOMMERS), and Merle (?). ]

Donna McCLENDON McGuyer, whose father was Chester Eugene McCLENDON, (see above) is the serious genealogist in the family and probably has some documentation on all of this, but much of this was from talking with several relatives at the McCLENDON Family Reunion as couple of years ago as well as from tombstones. Donna McCLENDON McGuyer, 717 Mulberry Street, Purvis, MS 39475, (601) 794-8281. E-mail:


Robert Lamar LOTT's first marriage was to Lucy "Ollie" KNIGHT's. She was referred to as "Big Mama" and he may have been referred to as "Big Daddy". They had the following children: Sarah Elizebeth (April 16, 1911 - Sept. 6, 1994, born in Sandy Hook, MS in Marion Co. - she had no birth certificate); Ouida (September 07, 1912 - January 07, 1929); Shelby L. (June 22, 1914 - Nov. 7, 1988); Laxter Lee (July 08, 1916 - 1957 in Clear, Denali Co., Alaska). Robert Lamar LOTT second marriage was to Lina TARVER Ables (Lina TARVER 1st married an ABLES). They had Robert Lamar, Jr. (1919).

"Big Mama" Lucy ("Ollie") KNIGHT's second marriage was to William W. Seals in 1921. No children.

"Big Mama" Lucy ("Ollie") KNIGHT's third marriage was to "Big Poppa" Elbert WOMACK in 1933 and they had a daughter: Dorothy WOMACK (of Crossroads, MS married a HUMPHREY). I last saw Dorothy in a nursing home near Crossroads, MS in about 1992 when my grandmother "Sallie" LOTT Hathorne took me to visit her. I heard later that she was released from the nursing home.

My grandmother, Sarah ("Sallie or "Sally") Elizebeth LOTT (April 16, 1911 - September 06, 1994, born in Sandy Hook, Mississippi, Marion Co.) married Truman HATHORNE (Dec. 18, 1907 - Oct. 3, 1974, born in Taylorville, MS in Covington Co. and now called Smith Co.) on June 1, 1930. They lived most of their lives in Bogalusa, LA. They had four children: my mother, who I did not know, Geraldine Geraldine (Feb. 22, 1932 - Nov. 6, 1964); Robert David (married Patsy KENNEDY; children: Robert David, "Sissy", "Dirk"); Janet Sue (married "Jerry" APPLEWHITE, twice, and they had two sons: Max and Vernon Wayne. Janet Sue had a couple more marriages); and Brenda Sue (married "J.W.",  John W. Magee; children: "Tammy", Tamela and "Pam", Pamela).

My grandmother's brother, Shelby L. LOTT married Pearl B. ____ and they had children: Butch, Susan, and ... They live in or around Bogalusa, LA.

My distant cousin who I am related to via the LOTTs through both maternal and paternal lines, Dan LOTT ( is writing a book about the LOTTs and McCLENDONs/McLENDONs and has an extensive database. You may want to contact him, but he is a little behind in answering his e-mail.

My contact info: "Pat", Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW,

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Letters from my cousin, Donna McClendon McGuyer,
regarding our families' genealogies.

Note: You may contact her at: Donna McClendon McGuyer, 717 Mulberry Street, Purvis, MS 39475, (601) 794-8281. Her new an e-mail address is: We had a family reunion in Bogalusa, LA in June 1995 that generated my interest in genealogy.

Subj: Re: Genealogy - my info
Date: 95-07-04 20:23:33 EDT
From: Donna McClendon McGuyer (


It was good to hear from you. I've been snowed under the last week but things are better now. Following is the genealogy on our McCLENDONs and LOTTs:

MCCLENDON, Joseph Parker (b. ca 1856. The grave you found must be his)
m. LOTT, Julia (b.29 Nov. 1859 d. 24 July 1933, buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Poplarville. Her parents were John LOTT and Margarette Pounds. Both are buried next to Julia. Julia was possibly married to a Eubanks or Banks prior to the marriage to Joe. She had a child (may not have been a natural child, but she raised him as well as three Lott children belonging to her brother John. I'll share an interesting story about how this all came about before I end all this. Poor Julia had a tough life!) She was also married to Whit Cruthird after Joe for a brief time.

It seems the LOTT family was a very prominent family in these parts. My great aunt on my grandmother's side (Eugene's in-laws) once told us that Julia was pretty well-off when she and Joe married, that she owned a lot of land but after Joe left, her brother John talked her into going into a brick-making business and she lost everything. G.Aunt Corine said Julia was a very proud person and wouldn't take charity from anyone. She said she sewed and even took in laundry to take care of her children. I wonder if her business relationship may have caused her split with Joe.

Julia was also known in the area as a mid-wife. People in the area called her to deliver babies. She must have been a remarkable woman. I've heard Julia was practically deaf. I don't know if this happened early in her life or if it was something that was related to age.

Alcus BANKS (may have originally been Eubanks) b. 27 Feb. 1879 d. 12 Sept. 1901. Burial in Poplarville City Cemetery. He was murdered by Hezekiah Amacker who served sentence in Parchman for the crime. I have copies of newspaper articles. Big-time news.

MCCLENDON children:

Leoter M., b. 20 SEPT 1883 d. 27 Nov. 1948 Married Dick Cowart

Chester Eugene, b. 25 Mar 1886 d. 14 Mar 1945 Married Martha Elizabeth GLOVER (These are my grandparents. I can give you further info on them if you want it. They had 12 children.)

Henry Monroe, b. 31 Jan 1888 d. 26 April 1970 Married Ada ?

John Edward, b. 9 Mar 1891 d. 9 Sept. 1950 Married Artena Cooper, Mabel Graves, Zuleima Corkern. (I know you probably have gathered the specifics already. I need to get the facts from you.)

Minnie Belle, b. ? d.? Married James Warren Mizelle. buried in Louisiana. (I bet Jimmy could help us on her descendants. He said they lived in Isabelle.)

Julia raised her brother John H. LOTT's three children. He was killed while working on a water wheel at a grist mill. His wife died shortly thereafter from an appendicitis while being transported by train to New Orleans for treatment. My grandmother (who seemed to really admire her mother-in-law, Julia) said several days after Mrs. Lott had been sent to New Orleans neighbors told Julia that John's children were by themselves at their house. It seems they were all preschool aged. Julia found the baby, Wiley, sitting in the fireplace eating ashes. She gathered them up and took them home with her. I don't have names of the girls but I can get them from Dan LOTT.

I don't know how accurate this is, but Dan Lott (one of our distant cousins) said Joe's father's name was Jesse and was from Louisiana. I have found information in the DAR books and in Revolutionary War Pensioner's records that Shadrack McClendon (soldier) and son Jesse was living in Mississippi in 1840 but had moved to Louisiana by 1855. I don't think the dates would work out for Shadrack to be Joe's grandfather. He may be Joe's great grandfather and there might be two Jesses. I'm still running this rabbit! Shadrack's other children were Lewis, Sallie, Deborah and William. Shadrack was born in South Carolina to Lewis (also Rev. Soldier) and Nancy Belle --?

I'll go ahead and post this. I'll follow with the info I have on Julia's family in another post.

Be back soon,


Subj: LOTT info
Date: 95-07-04 21:00:37 EDT
From: Donna McClendon McGuyer (


Now for the LOTT info:

Julia LOTT was the daughter of John LOTT (b.23 Oct 1831 d. 15 NOV 1871 Married Margarette C. "Grace" Pounds on 11 OCT 1831) John and Margarette had at least four children I know of: Julia (one census says Juliann), Roseann, and Leona and John. (I'm counting on Dan Lott's research for more information).
John Lott was the son of Joshua Lott and Rosanna Barnes. They were married 5 Feb 1824. I have a copy of the entry in Marion County records on their marriage. (Joshua may have had a first wife named Martha) One census lists their household members as JW, SE, AA, ME. These folks were some of the first white settlers in the territory. I've been told John's brother's name was Solomon.
Joshua's parents were Luke LOTT and Cynthia --?
Now for Julia's mother: Margarette C. "Grace" Pounds.
Margarette was the daughter of Joseph E. Pounds and Elizabeth Kellar. Joseph was licensed to the gospel ministry 19 Nov 1854. This was recorded in Marion County on 20 SEPT 1855. (There is also a record of Isham J. Pounds being licensed as a minister of the Gospel, vouched for by Joseph E. Pounds and Elliott W. Moore, recorded 16 Dec 1855. May be Joseph Pounds family)
It's family tradition that Margarette Pounds was 1/4 Indian which would mean her mother would have been 1/2 Indian. I don't have proof but I believe the Indian heritage came through Margarette's mother, Elizabeth Kellar. In a history book on the settling of the Southeastern US, there is several references to a Kellar family who was connected by marriage to a ruling tribe.
Margarette had a brother named Kirk Pounds and possibly one named Edgar. I got this from Wylie Johnson, an elderly man I just happened to meet whose mother was Leona LOTT (sister to Julia). Wylie was a retired minister when I met him. He was practically deaf so it was difficult to converse with him. He did tell me he remembered Margarette (his grandmother) as a beautiful dark haired woman who had a "strong dip of Indian blood." Wouldn't you just love to see a portrait of her?
Wylie said he thought Margarette had two brothers who operated a ferry on Pearl River four miles south of Bogalusa, known as Pool's Ferry or Pool's Bluff. It was used by Jackson's troops to cross the river on the way to New Orleans. Pounds sold it to Alex Montgomery.
Guess that's about it for my ancient history. I'm so glad you are interested in it, too. Maybe we can get eventually get it compiled. I'll write again later.
Best regards,


Subj: Re: Genealogy - Joseph's wife
Date: 95-07-05 10:00:20 EDT
From: Donna McClendon McGuyer (

I'm back again. Last night I was in a rush to get all the other genealogy info to you, and didn't finish my lineage from Joseph Parker McClendon. (Oh yeah, almost forgot. Joe's second wife was Laura Elizabeth Perry. Dan Lott who's doing the LOTT family history gave me that information.)

My parents were Chester Eugene MCCLENDON and Martha Elizabeth GLOVER. As I wrote yesterday, there were 12 children in their group. My parents are J.P. MCCLENDON (b. 23 JUN 1928 Married 10 April 1949) and Dorothy Jean WALLEY. They knew your dad many years ago. Everybody in the family calls dad "Jake".

I was really shocked when I learned several years ago that Joe's name was Joseph Parker McClendon. My dad was named initials, not names. He was told he was named "J.P." for J.P. Culpepper, a friend of the family. My dad didn't know his grandfather's real name until I told him. He still doesn't think his dad would have named him for Joseph Parker, but I'm beginning to believe he may have been. I think by the time my dad came along (1928), Grandma Julie probably had forgiven Joe. In fact, my grandmother told me Grandma Julie went to take care of Joe when he was dying. Joe's first wife asked her to come because Julia was considered a good nurse or something like that. I wonder if Joe was trying to make peace with Julia before he passed on?

Talk to you later,


Subj: Pounds update
Date: 95-07-06 11:41:26 EDT
From: Donna McClendon McGuyer (

Pull your folder on the Pounds family. I've just lucked out and unearthed a book which lists the generations of our Pounds and Kellar families. I couldn't believe it. I had a few spare minutes yesterday, so stopped at USM's genealogy library. By chance I checked the index in the Pike County History (no idea that we were connected). Low and behold, there they were: Pounds, Kellar, and Tate (these from the other side of my family).

I'm going to try to buy a copy of the book. However, I did find an inconsistent date or two. My dates came directly from a tombstone or official court records so I believe I'm correct.

Although the book gives a more complete listing, I'm going to send you the direct lineage of our family so you can complete your records. (I hope the copyright laws for cyberspace or lenient <*>)


"The Pound/Pounds family that lived in Hinds, Copiah, Lawrence, and Marion Counties in Mississippi, as well as Washington and St. Tammany Parishes in Louisiana, were all related and, no doubt, spring from the same South Carolina stem. The Daniel Pound who lived and married in Pike County came to that area from Tennessee but was probably related, distantly, to the people of the same name who had settled in close proximity years before his arrival."

"The Pound family is not prolific in South Carolina, as in 1800 only two of the name were enumerated on the census or that state, namely Peter in Orangeburg and John in Greenville. However, in 1790 there was a John Pound and according to the census figures not the same as the John in Greenville ten years later who lived with a family in Prince George Parish, Georgetown Dist., SC. Since this family did not appear on the 1800 Census (even though there is a possibility he moved on west), there is the possibility that he died leaving a widow who remarried--and was thus unidentifiable at a later date."

"However, in 1810 two Pounds men, presumably brothers, reappear in what was part of old Prince George Parish, then Marion Co., SC, named Isom (Isham) and Joseph. There is little doubt that this is the Ishom who later moved to Marion County, Miss. then St. Tammany Par., La., then to Hinds Co, Miss., and back to St. Tammany Par. after 1835. Most of the older children of this Ishom declared to have been born in S.C."

Now the abbreviated version of the list. We're moving toward Margarette C. "Grace" Pounds who married John Lott.


POUNDS, John (possibly father of these)
*** 1. Isom Pounds b. ca. 1775, d. in 1856 in La; married Margaret Parker, d. ca. 1861 in Liberty Co., TX.
2.  Joseph Pounds
3.  William Pounds
4.  --Pounds, a daughter
5.  --Pounds, a daughter

*** Children of Isom Pounds and Margaret Parker:
1.  Mary (Polly) Ann Pounds
2.  A son prior to 1810, possibly Theodore
3.  A daughter, name unknown, prior to 1810
4.  Margaret L. Pounds
5.  John J. Pounds
6.  Isom Johnson Pounds (married sister to Elizabeth Keller)
*** 7.  Joseph E. Pounds b. 1818, d. 1882 in Marion Co., Miss, also a Baptist Minister, married in 1838 in St. Tammany Parish to Elizabeth
Kellar, sister to Sarah Matilda Keller (Isom's wife). Children:
*** a.  Margaret C. Pounds b. 4/4/1839, married 10/11/1855 to John Lott
    (They are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Her name is spelled Margarette I believe)
b.  Sophia Ardell Pounds
c.  Johnson Bruce Pounds
d.  Joseph L. Pounds
e.  Henry Bonaparte Pounds
f.  Sarah E. Pounds b. 1/11/1857 or 58 married ---Lott. (I completed her's because it may have
a connection to your HATHORNE family)

8. Minera Pounds (married brother to the Keller girls)
9. Elizabeth Ann Pounds
11.Robert M. Pounds
12.Andrew Jackson Pounds.

This is as far as the author goes but I've sent you Margarette and John Lott's children already, which I believe are pretty reliable. Forget the info on Kirk and Edgar. Either they were some other relative or nicknames for Margarette's brothers. Could have been from other branches of Wylie Johnson's family because he told me he wasn't sure but thought they were Margarette's brothers.

As I said, I'm sending the skeleton. If you want the rest, let me know. Our family seemed to have a fixation on certain given names and liked to marry the in-laws!

NOW RECORDS ON KELLER family. This is Margarette Pounds' mother (Elizabeth Keller Pounds) family. The immigrates were Daniel and Anna Margaret Keller with children John and Philip, our ancestor. Jacob was born later. More about the immigrants after the following lineage:

"The Keller (Kellar) brothers and sisters, who married the Pounds brothers and sisters had migrated into Marion County, Miss, from Orangeburg Co, S.C. in the 1820s with their parents Philip and Lydia Keller. Shortly thereafter, they moved further south to St. Tammany Parish, La. where Philip Keller, the father, died on April 9, 1834. Lidi'e (as spelled on one record) died about the same time. Her maiden name was never discovered, but she was probably a Singletary. Philip and Lydia's children:

1.  John Keller
*** 2.  Henry Keller b. 5/9/1796 in Orangeburg, d. 1/31/1889 in Silbee, TX married 5/5/181 in Marion
County, MS to Sophia Page d. 1/2/1863 in St. Tammany Parish, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
Page (probably Lawrence County, Miss. Children of Henry and Sophia:
a.   John Keller
b.   William Keller
*** c.   Elizabeth Keller b. 4/14/1819 d. 8/30/1873 married Joseph Edward Pounds
d.   Martha Ann Keller
f.   Henry K. Keller
g.   Catherine Keller
h.   Rachel P. Keller

"Philip Keller who died in St. Tammany in 1834 arrived in South Carolina in 1766 at the age of two years. He, with his mother Anna Margaret, aged 28, and older brother John, aged 8, came on the ship named the Belfast Packet. His father Daniel Keller had arrived in the South Carolina colony prior to Oct. 1766, on the ship Britannia which had embarked several months before from Amsterdam. Being Protestant and upon accepting an invitation to Protestants from the South Carolina General Assembly in 1761, Daniel had come to America. The S.C. Assembly had awarded Daniel 250 acres for his family on 10/17/1766--Land which was later surveyed in the German settlement in Orangeburg District."

There is about a half page of info on their participation in the American Revolution and property description. Seems Daniel was too old to fight but provided some supplies to the Continental and Militia. John (who signed his name Johannas) served 78 days with General Francis Marion. Philip also served as a private in General Marion's Brigade.

I'll close for now. Write you later.


Subj: Re: your genealogy ?oops
Date: 95-07-07 18:37:45 EDT
From: Donna McClendon McGuyer (

--- snip ---
1. Yes, my grandparents were Chester Eugene and Martha Elizabeth (GLOVER) MCCLENDON. Everyone in the family called them Gene and Lizzie. The grandkids called them Grandpa Gene and Grandma Gene. (Most of my young life I thought her name was Gene.)

2. The misspelling of McClendon is courtesy of USM. When they opened my WHALE account, Academic Computing picked up the misspelling. I just haven't bothered to change it yet since everything is recorded under my married name. Guess this is a good reason to be suspicious when we find a McLENDON in our research. May be poor spelling!!

3. I may not have the correct name for Zuleima. Dan Lott gave her maiden name as Zuleima Seval Corkern. Guess we can call Julie (McClendon) Law to find out. My Uncle Thurrell and Julie talk occasionally, so he could put us in touch with her.

4. Joseph P. McClendon of Slidell sounds like he might be someone we'd like to talk to. I'll try to e-mail him to see if he is connected with our Joseph Parker McClendon. We always heard rumors about a possible third marriage for him. If the Slidell Joe isn't from the Perry/McClendon union, maybe there was a second marriage before Perry.

5. Concerning the death date on John Lott: Either I've gone dyslexic or I've given John someone else's death date (maybe Joshua's, he could've been around in 1871). Dan gave me some dates and I gave him some. I'll check this out. As far as the grave being John, Jr., I don't think so. For one thing, the birth date is John Sr and my dad always said that the graves were grandma & grandpa. Also, Julia raised John Jr's kids and they were younger than Chester Eugene (who was born in 1886). I'll check on this. I bet someone gave me Joshua's death date for John's and I didn't double check closely enough.

6. I'll be talking to Dan Lott soon. I'll give him your phone number and address.

7. I don't know about the McClintons or the Eldridge graves at Oak Hill. I'll ask Dad if he knows who they are.

8. There are also a lot of Cowart graves at Oak Hill. These are related through Leoter M. McClendon Cowart. I have those dates and will supply them if you want them.

9. Did you have information that gave Julia's birthdate as 1852? I'll double checked the 1859 date against her gravestone.

Just wanted to tell you I'm really glad we're working on this together. It helps to have another set of eyes (and mind) when recording all this info. I'll close for now.


Subj: Re: Corrections - Marriage date
Date: 95-07-09 16:59:51 EDT
From: Donna McClendon McGuyer (

Whew, didn't know how careless I am. I should have proofed my dates better. Your right, the marriage date of John Lott and Margarette Pounds should be Oct. 11, 1855. In my excitement guess I jumped a line when typing from my data sheets.

Look forward to hearing from you real soon.

I plan to eventually post a page listing all the info from tombstones that I collected while visiting my family in Bogalusa, LA. Most are from that area, but I also went to Purvis, MS.

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