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Super sites get a "§"

Warning! Basically, anything that you post to the newsgroups can be found by others using the newsgroups search engines, e.g., Deja News. All a person needs to know about you is your e-mail address, or your name, or what newsgroups you frequent, etc. This means that your employer or potential employer can find out about you without you knowing about it. I think that I know what some of you are thinking ... now, she tells us! (~ Smile ~)

Table of Contents

Search Engines

  1. Search Tools
  2. Stand alone search engines
  3. All-in-One Search Pages
  4. Newsgroups Search Engines
  5. FTP search engines
  6. Image search engines
  7. Looking for someone? Try these ...
  8. Search engines - comparison, etc.
  9. Software and software search engines

Reference Material

  1. Genealogy
  2. General Reference Material
  3. Computing
  4. Phonebooks/Postal Info
  5. Libraries Multimedia - Newspapers, film, etc.
  6. Maps
  7. Maps - Genealogy
  8. Science
  9. Assorted

Search Engines

Definition: The URL, Uniform Resource Locator, is the address of a web page.

Search Tools

From ZDNET's "Hot Files":

SelfSeek!  This program searches a web site from what you want it to. Get full-feature version for a fee at Illumix Software. Your personal search engine geared toward searching specific Websites for one or more keywords.

WebFerret v3.02 a great search tool! It utilizes existing search engines.

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Stand alone search engines

Alta Vista - very fast!   § - add URL: Click on "Submit A Site" on the bottom navigation bar of this page.
Tip: To search for the web pages that have linked to your web pages (or main web site), type in link:yourURL (that is, link:http:/ for this web site)

AOL NetFind - add URL


CNN - CNN Webspace Search Engine

Direct Hit - add URL

Galaxy - Search for WWW, Gopher, and Telnet sites. Submit here.

Google! add URL Submit here (formerly called the WWW Worm and now charging for their service).

htobot.gif (1555 bytes)
§ - add URL
Search the Web for


Looksmart - add URL
(They also have some free service: My Search - free search for your site
Beseen - free site tools)

lycos.gif (858 bytes)
§ - add URL

Search for:

Magellan - has categories - add URL

[ MetaCrawler® ]   Search Tips
any   all   phrase

MSN (uses AltaVista search engines)

Netscape Netcenter - add URL

Northern Lights - add URL add URL

Planet Search - add URL

Scrub The Web Search Engine - add URL

Slider - Free Encyclopedia and Search Engine - add URL - add URL

Starting Point - has categories - add URL - 37 SEARCH ENGINES!

TradeWave Galaxy - categories

Thunderstone's Web Site Catalog Also see: THUNDERSTONE Free Search Engine Service: Webinator Web Index System ... submit your site here to be indexed. Then, add the appropriate HTML coding to your web site so that your visitors can search it. 

WEBCRAWLER.GIF (1981 bytes)
§ - add URL

Example: hotels in San Francisco

yahoo.gif (991 bytes)
YAHOO - add URL - change your listing's information §§

Search Yahoo! Usenet

Yahoo! People Search

What-U-Seek - add URL

Yahoo! : Computers and Internet : Internet : World Wide Web : Searching the Web

Yahoo!Regional : Countries : United States

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All-in-One Search Pages

All-in-One Search Page - excellent! §

The (formerly The Internet Sleuth)

Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool

Find-It! - excellent

MetaCrawler Searching

SavvySearch: Sources and Types of Information: 18 languages, so far

T H E -- U L T I M A T E -- S E A R C H -- P A G E

Web Matrix All-in-One Tools

Web Matrix Searchable Indices

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Newsgroups Search Engines

dejanews.gif (1920 bytes)

Search Usenet For:
Select documents matching all any keywords.
Display hitlist in concise detailed format.

Research Service - query form: search by newsgroup, date, or author (name or email address) - This is very scary search engine ...

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FTP search engines

FTP search'95 v3.0

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Image search engines

lycos.gif (858 bytes)

Search for:

Yahoo! - Image Surfer Category List

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Looking for someone? Try these ...

Alumni.NET - Bringing School Friends Together (FREE)

American Information Network (AIN) - "Sherlock" database § - fee based

America Online - Members On-line profiles and web pages

AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory

BellSouth - The Real Yellow Pages and White Pages ONLINE - Real Page includes email lookup and general Web searching.

BigBook Directory Search find old friends, about class reunions, etc. Full privileges are $25 per 2 years.

CompuServe's Our World - Directory of Experts Worldwide, Authors, Consultants, Spokespersons and Expert Witnesses

Prodigy Personal Web Pages

Internet Department of Motor Vehicles (part of AIN, see above) § - All you need is someone's license plate number. Fees from $20 to $35. §§

Internet Address Finder (IAF) §

The Internet Phone User Directory

Netscape People Finder - includes "Reserve Lookup": Phone Number, Address, or Email Address 

Notable Citizens of Planet Earth

Switchboard The Internet Directory - YellowPages - WhitePages - PhoneBook

Yahoo! People Search
Yahoo! People Search - by name and location to yields address & phone number OR by name and domain to yield e-mail addresses

Yahoo! : Society and Culture : People : Personal Home Pages

WhoWhere? § -'s Fast Area Code Look-Up

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Search engines - comparison, etc.

Yahoo! > Computers and Internet > Internet > World Wide Web > Searching the Web

Search Engine Tutorial - META MEDIC! - Tips about using META tags (description, keywords, etc.) §§

Search engine shoot-out top engines compared (CNET Reviews - Comparative Reviews)

Search Engine Watch

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Software and software search engines

Also see: Software/Support

CWSApps Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List. Internet Software The best web site to download freeware, shareware, and demo software and learn more about the software by reading their reviews. Click on "Full Review" to learn more about the software. at Most Popular and Most Popular - MS-Windows95 - Power Search

Tucows' The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

Windows Device Drivers and Support Printer driver, video driver, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drive,etc. (formerly

ZDNET's Software Library. Search for keywords like: password, desktop themes, games, mortgage, Y2K, etc. This area is what The Screen Savers, Kate & Leo, of ZDTV refers to as "". See: Free Downloads.

"The best international FTP-HTTP Download Manager." This software can continue downloads that were abort or discontinued. You can also use it to "batch" download.
Sun's StarOffice
The ultimate free, full-featured, integrated, interoperable office suite just got better.
Use a little program called ReGet (a download manager) which can pick up where it left off if the download gets interrupted for any reason.ReGET

Trouble remembering your user names and passwords?

If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4 or 5, you can automatically save you user name and password, Netscape doesn't have this feature (that I know of). Additionally, it is a good idea to save your user names and passwords on 3 x 5 cards in an index card file or on a spiral version of the cards in case your computer crashes, etc. Here are two neat programs, the first one keep passwords, while the second program has a few more features:

PassKeeper for Windows by Brad Greenlee (Free)

Password Keeper for Windows by Gregory Braun (Free to try, if you decide to buy, you'll pay $20 by U.S. Mail or $25 if you order over the telephone or at their Web site. They charge $5 to process the credit card orders.)

ZDNet Software Library:

Hot File of the Day for example: DeskNotes A "sticky notes" program.
Free File of the Day
Free for All Downloads
50 FREE Downloads
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Reference Material

Genealogy ­ (Fee: $59.95 per year) "Guests" have limited access.

Ellis Island Records (This site is so hot that this is the message I received: "There are too many people accessing the Web site at this time.")

Behind the Name (formerly "The Etymology of First Names")

Everton's Guide to Genealogy on the World Wide Web - subscription required.

Family History Centers (of the LDS - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Family Tree Maker

Find A Grave - limited access unless you pay a fee.

Gensearcher -  The All-in-One Genealogy Search

LDS FamilySearch - Search Page

McCLENDONs at RootsWeb

RAND Genealogy Club Home Page


US County Resources at RootsWeb - If you know the city, you can find its county (or parish).

USGenWeb Archives > National Search and State Search


Yahoo! - Search Results - Genealogy

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General Reference Material - Question

AltaVista Translations (Babel Fish) and World Keyboard

Ask Jeeves! and Ask Jeeves for Kids "Answering a Million of Your Questions." Great Books Online - Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse.

BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library - online books

English-Estonian Dictionary

FREE Internet Encyclopedia

Information Please On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference

Merriam-Webster Dictionaries & Thesauruses

My Virtual Reference Desk - Table of Contents

Norwegian Dictionaries

OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder

Slider - Free Encyclopedia and Search Engine - add URL with links to over 800 dictionaries, including 230 languages dictionaries: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and tons more. Online Spanish Dictionary, German Dictionary, French Dictionary & Italian Dictionary

Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus (WEDT)

Click here to go to SYSTRAN Translation Software.

Yahoo - Reference

Yahoo - Reference:Thesauri

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Computing Dictionary

ILC Glossary of Internet Terms

SPSS Inc. - Statistical Product & Service Solutions

CSCAR, Center For Statistical Consultation and Research at the University of Michigan : Statistical Software Help : SPSS

WebReference - glossaries

webTeacher Tutorial

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Phonebooks/Postal Info 

AT&T's AnyWho -Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free, and Address

The Internet Phone User Directory

Netscape People Finder at Netscape's NetCenter

USPS Address and ZIP Code Information - USPS City/State/ZIP Code Lookup

USPS Domestic Postal Rates and Fees (Simplified) and USPS Postage Rates and Fee

Yahoo - Reference:Postal Information's Fast Area Code Look-Up

Home Page -

The Noble Internet Directories

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Denver Public Library - Reference resources

OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. - a nonprofit library computer service and research organization

IPL The Internet Public Library

The WWW Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue

Schnell - Writing for the Web: A Primer for Librarians

A Plethora of Web Sites:The Librarian's Meta-List

New Orleans Public Library

The William F. Ekstrom Library - University of Louisville (Kentucky)

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Multimedia - Newspapers, film, etc.

The Atlantic Constitution (Atlanta)

Boston Globe (Massachusetts)

The Courier-Journal (Kentucky)

Detroit News Online  (Michigan)

The Dallas Morning News (Texas)

Los Angeles Times (California)

Lexington Herald-Leader Online : Online News Library - Searchable (Kentucky)

The New York Times on the Web (New York)

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) (Washington, DC)

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition (New York) fee-based

The WPA Film Library


Yahoo! : News and Media : Newspapers

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Maps (Birds, Flags, News, Songs, Tools, and more)



Maps On Us

Microsoft Expedia Maps

Microsoft's TerraServer Homepage

USGS National Mapping Information Home Page and USGS Mapping Information GNIS United States and Territories Data Base Query Form

Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions

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Maps - Genealogy

1895 Atlas Project

Animated U.S. Map from 1700 to 1983

Boundaries of the Contiguous United States

Census TMS (Tiger Mapping Service) Home Page

Odden's Bookmarks - The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (at University of Texas At Austin) - Historical Maps of the United States and State Maps

USGS Mapping Information GNIS United States and Territories Data Base Query Form

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Science Daily

Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff

Dictionary Search - Biotechnology, biology, etc.

American Chemical Society : "Today's Chemist At Work"

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A Basic ASL, American Sign Language, Aid

Delphion Intellectual Property Network to search, view and analyze patent collections worldwide.

The Department of the Treasury: IRS--Tax Forms and Instructions

FAQ Launcher: List of Periodic Informational Postings

GPO (Government Printing Office) Gate - GPO Access - UCSD

STO's Internet Patent Search System

Virtual Calendars

Yahoo! Top : Science : Biology : Zoology : Animals, Insects, and Pets and Mammals : Dogs : Breeds

Yahoo! : Society and Culture : Cultures and Groups : Vegetarians

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YAHOO - add URL - change your listing

Search Yahoo! Usenet

Yahoo! People Search Search : Search Tools and Reference Material




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